BTS Member Profile With Unique Facts, You Already know?

BTS Member Profile

For fans, knowing everything about their idol is one of happiness. You’re army, already know the profile of all BTS members?

Bangtan Boys is a South Korean idol group that debuted on June 13, 2013 with the debut single, No More Dream. BTS—RM, Jungkook, V, Jimin, Suga, J-Hope and Jin are known as idol groups with huge fan bases in the world.

Adorable Representative MC for Youth a.k.a ARMY is their fan nickname, which has spread around the world.

You want to be a good ARMY? Loper give you information deh, yes, about bts member profiles along with unique facts about them so you don’t lose to other ARMY!

1. RM

The owner of kim nam joon’s real name was born in Ilsan, South Korea, on September 12, 1994. In the BTS lineup, he is both a Leader and a Rapper. The name RM, taken from his own nickname rap monster.

RM prior to his debut was an underground rapper who had the stage name Runch Randa who briefly collaborated with Zico Block B. This virgozodiak man was once a hiphop crew under the name Daenamhyup before he joined Big Hit Entertainment in 2010 and became the agency’s first member.

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The first of two children turned out to be a hobby of exploring the internet and expert fingering while playing guitar. In addition, he has a high IQ of 149 and is good at English.

This man with a height of 181 cm and a weight of 67 kg is very idolizing Kanye West and A$AP Rocky. He thinks number one is his luck. His favorite foods are noodles and meat, as we know, South Korea does have a wide variety of delicious food from both ingredients.

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Unique fact, behind its perfection, RM is known as the most careless member and likes to damage goods. Even so, RM is the responsible leader. He was also included in the ranks of the best rappers in Korea.

2. Jungkook

Jeon Jeong Guk or commonly known as Jungkook is a Main Vocalist, Sub Rapper, Lead Dancer, and Maknae who was born on September 1, 1997 in Busan, South Korea. Young Jungkook once failed while auditioning for idol for the group Superstar K3. However, the road was wide open for him when other agencies glanced at him, including Big Hit Entertainment which now houses him on BTS.

Jungkook eventually joined Big Hit Entertainment and the agency sent Jungkook to dance school in LA. This virgo zodiac man is also nicknamed Golden Maknae because he is a very talented maknae.

Bts, member bts, jin BTS

Jungkook idolizes Bigbang’s G-Dragon. His activities during leisure are drawing, dancing or skateboarding. He also really likes sea eel, pork rice soup and sashimi.

The unique fact of this man with a height of 178 cm and weighing 66 kg is, he is known as the member with the most messy room and he is not obedient to his seniors at BTS.

3. V

V a.k.a Kim Tae Hyung. Born in Daegu, South Korea, on December 30, 1995. He never expected to audition for Big Hit Entertainment in Daegu until he was the vocalist of Bangtan Boys.

The eldest of the three brothers had lived in Geochang before moving to Seoul to study at Korea Arts School. V was also a namja ulzzang, a man with the best face before joining BTS.

Bts, member bts, jin BTS

For vocal affairs, the quality of V is unquestionable. V also explored his acting skills by taking part in the drama series Hwarang: The Beginning as Hansung.

V BTS’s unique fact is, he is known as the most mysterious member. For other BTS members, this man with a height of 178 cm and weight of 58 kg is unique and strange. He likes things that are unique, like liking songs that others rarely listen to. However, often the songs of his choice are later recognized by other members. Well, this V has a great taste, huh?

V is also known as a person with a 4D personality or an unexpected personality. He can suddenly scream, his mysterious face nicknamed Blank Tae can suddenly express strangely in front of the camera or can suddenly dance silly in the moment the others are silent. Hihihi. The moodbooster of this ARMY dream, anyway!

Loper sure, a lot of V fans, right, here? Yep, other BTS members also agree, that this V has the most female fans. The other one, which is a lot of fans, knows who? Yasssh! Jimin!

4. Jimin

Park Ji Min or commonly called Jimin is a BTS member in the position of Lead Vocalist and Main Dancer. Jimin has the most nicknames from fans, among them Chim Chim, Dolly or Park Jimine. The names prove very well that Jimin fans are just as much as V. They give names, of course because they idolize Jimin very much.

Bts, member bts, jin BTS

The man, born October 13, 1995 in Busan, South Korea, began his career at BTS by auditioning for Big Hit Entertainmet thanks to advice from his schoolteacher. The Teacher’s advice may be that he will be remembered until now, because of the evidence that he has been successful now. Her female fans are very much especially after her appearance on MV No More Dream. In the MV, Jimin shows off his abdominal muscles that immediately make many women crazy.

For appearance, Jimin is very concerned about diet. She’s very sensitive about her weight and she doesn’t like it if someone says she’s up in weight. Often, Jimin prefers to exercise rather than sleep. Not in vain, with a height of 175 cm, a weight of 61 kg is the ideal weight.

In addition to the attention to his body, the unique fact of Jimin BTS is, he is very attentive to other members and is a submissive and obedient. In Korea, politeness towards the older is indeed number one, anyway!

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Jimin BTS idolizes Bigbang, especially Taeyang. At school at Busan School of Art majoring in Modern Dance, Jimin always loved to dance and sing with his favorite Taeyang songs.

5. J-Hope

J-Hope, real name Jung Ho Seok, was born in Gwangju South Korea on February 18, 1994. Prior to his lead rapper and main dancer position on BTS, J-Hope was a member of a street dance called NEUTRON.

Bts, member bts, jin BTS

Warmth always comes with J-Hope, ARMY. He always brings a happy atmosphere and makes those around him laugh. The kindness of her heart that always wanted to entertain other members made her dubbed as a Mother to the members. Not only because of kindness, he is nicknamed because he is the most chatty member than other members.

V has a nickname for him, namely, DORAEMON! Why? Because J-Hope always has a solution to every problem that exists. Duh, J-Hope is really knowing yes, if BTS tuh warm and affectionate. Hiks.

6. Suga

Suga was born in Daegu, South Korea, on March 9, 1993. His real name is Min Yoon Gi, and he is nicknamed Motion Less Min because he often lazes while being free. Lazy doesn’t mean it’s not talented, yes. Suga simply prefers to sleep or write songs rather than having to constantly practice physically like Jimin.

Bts, member bts, jin BTS

Funnily enough, Suga is very good at playing basketball, however, he doesn’t really like getting tired and sweaty. Really Motion Less really deh, Lead Rapper BTS this one! However, in fact Suga does not need to worry about weight anyway. It’s ideal, though! He is 176 cm tall and weighs only 59 kg.

Suga used to attend Apujeong High School. Prior to his debut with BTS, Suga was an undeground rapper in Daegu and was nicknamed “Gross”. Suga eventually became the runner up at Big Hit Entertainment’s open auditions which led her to become the idol she is today.

7. Jin

Kim Seok Jin, commonly called Jin, was born in Gwacheon, South Korea on December 4, 1992. Jin is very familiar with V, as V was his first friend on BTS. He and V have a lot in common and fondness, among others, both love anime.

Bts, member bts, jin BTS

This sagittarius zodiac man was appointed Vocalist and Visual because of his handsome face and ideal posture—179 cm and 60 kg.

Bts’s oldest member is very fond of cooking, which makes him also love a lot of food. His hobby has made him a cook in dorm—where BTS members live. Well, ARMY kepengin really tuh, nyobain jin cuisine!

Jin loves pink and it doesn’t matter to her because it is considered a bright and cheerful color. According to the members, Jin has a strange habit of like to wink his left eye if he is hungry. What’s weird, huh, ARMY?

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Finally, it’s her BTS member profile and unique facts about them. Very satisfied, right? By the way, Big Hit Entertainment that houses them is not the largest agency in Korea, but, BTS is able to prove it now! ARMY is very much, spread throughout the world and they love their members very much. You too, right? Hayo, whose dearest is this? So much information from Loper, wait for more bts news, yes!

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