The Unique Mic Colors of BTS Members: What They Reveal About Their Personalities


The character of BTS members can be known from the color of the microphone they use. Every person has different attitudes and personalities, and they are not the same. This is certainly justified because humans inherently have different personality traits. There are many ways to understand someone’s character, one of which is by observing their habits.

Indeed, closely observing someone’s habits to understand their character may not be considered polite. However, this method is the most effective. This is because the habits a person develops are done unconsciously and spontaneously, without any pretense.

Not only ordinary people have diverse and unique characters, but even artists and singers also have some unique characteristics that can be observed from the habits they often display. One of the singers whose character we can observe is the famous South Korean boy band known as Bangtan Boys (BTS).

BTS has become a boy band that is increasingly popular today, among both young people and older individuals. Their perfect appearance captivates the audience and attracts attention. It’s no wonder that BTS is among the boy bands with the highest search volume on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Google.

Many people are curious about the true characters of BTS members. Of course, this is not easy to determine because BTS appears perfect in all aspects, including singing, dancing, and their visual appearance. However, there is a unique aspect that we can explore from the habits of the members, namely the microphones they use when singing.

BTS members have different colored microphones, and it is believed that the microphones they use represent their personalities. Who are they, and what are their colors? Let’s explore their explanations together.

The Unique Mic Colors of BTS Members: What They Reveal About Their Personalities
BTS Mic Color

Here are mic color of BTS members personalities:

Kim Seok Jin (Pink)

The oldest member of BTS chose pink as the color of his microphone. Although pink is typically considered a feminine color, it aligns well with Jin’s character and personality. Pink is believed to symbolize gentleness, the ability to quell anger, high compassion, caring for others, optimism, and much more.

Jin is a member who shows a high level of care. He often acts as a mediator in disputes among the members, and within the group, Jin is known for being skilled in cooking. He uses this skill to demonstrate his caring nature by preparing meals for the members.

Min Yoon Gi (Black)

Suga, a BTS member, chose black as the color of his microphone. This may seem ordinary compared to other members who opt for brighter colors. Suga, however, maintains black as his microphone color. Black is believed to represent someone who is a perfectionist, pays great attention to detail, appears indifferent but is actually attentive. People who prefer black tend to have hidden qualities that are only revealed to those closest to them and are typically reserved in public.

In an interview, it was revealed that when V was ill, a member provided him with healthy food and wished him a speedy recovery. It turned out that the member was Suga. This action made fans appreciate Suga’s kindness.

Jung Ho Seok (Red)

J-Hope, affectionately called J-Hope, initially used a silver microphone. However, during the BTS Speak Final Tour in Seoul, he switched to a red microphone. Red represents someone who can easily express themselves, is elegant and cleanses, adapts easily, and serves as a mood booster or a source of inspiration for many people.

The fact that J-Hope values cleanliness is indeed true. This is evident from the members’ acknowledgment that J-Hope is the cleanest among them. The members also express that they rely on J-Hope to boost their spirits.

Kim Nam Joon (Blue)

The leader of BTS chose blue as his favorite color. He also uses light blue as the color of his microphone. Blue has very positive connotations, such as being trustworthy, wise, excellent at communication, and possessing high power or strength. All these characteristics attributed to the color blue align with RM’s personality as demonstrated over time.

As a leader, RM is expected to be wise, mature, capable of making decisions, and able to guide the members. RM’s intellectual intelligence also aids him in fulfilling his responsibilities as a leader.

Park Jimin (Gold)

The sexiest member of BTS chose gold as the color for his microphone. It’s quite rare for singers in general to use gold as the color for their singing equipment. Gold is believed to represent someone who is loving, charismatic, and whose presence is essential and needed. Jimin’s talent and charisma make him undeniably charismatic and a valuable member of the group.

Kim Tae Hyung (Green)

Taehyung, or V as he is commonly known among fans, always appears charming with his green microphone. A green microphone adds a masculine touch to his image. Green is also believed to symbolize someone who is caring, humble, intelligent, and enjoys learning new things, all of which are positive traits that align with V’s personality.

Jeon Jung Kook (Purple)

The youngest member of BTS looks even more adorable when using his purple microphone. Purple gives off a cute and endearing impression. Purple also signifies someone who is understanding, cares for others, but at the same time can be very sensitive. As a result, the members and other BTS staff often make an effort to keep JungKook’s mood positive, as it can also affect the spirits of the other members.

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