16 Famous People Who Sold Their Souls to Satan


In this world there are many people who are famous for their talents, wealth, fame, throne and power. However, not all of these characters are born with these advantages. Some people are believed to be desperate to have given up the soul of the body, become slaves to the devil and perform satanic rituals in order to get what they want.

Like the 16 famous figures who sold their souls to the following demons, part of their lives ended in a very tragic and terrible death, although others were only recently suspected.


The story of St. Theophillus Adana is touted as the oldest story of man’s covenant with the devil. St. Theophillus Adana, who was a cleric in the Church in the 6th century, is said to have entered into a covenant with the devil to gain his position. The story begins with Theopillus being the deacon of Adana, Cecilia being elected bishop unanimously.

However, Theophillus refused to become bishop so the role was replaced by others. When the new bishop unfairly removed Theophillus as deacon, Theophillus regretted his decision and immediately sought a witch as an intermediary to contact the devil. In the development of his story, it is mentioned that Theophillus succeeded in becoming a bishop because of his covenant with satan, but later repented in search of forgiveness.


Pope Sylvester II was a well-known figure in the 10th century and was highly respected in France. Pope Sylvester II had such extensive knowledge that he wrote books on natural sciences, mathematics, philosophy, music and theology. The breadth of knowledge he possessed led to Pope Sylvester II being able to create a pendulum clock and hydraulic organs.

Not only was it instrumental in the development of science, Pope Sylvester II also played a role in the introduction of Arabic letters and numbers to European society at the time. Pope Sylvester II’s near-perfect intelligence and genius earned him a contract with the devil to obtain all his intelligence and genius.


Father Urbain Grandier was a priest of one of the churches in Loudun, Rome. It is mentioned that Grandier had an agreement with the devil ‘Asmodai’. The story of the agreement is quite controversial because it is mentioned that the contract with the devil does exist and also in the contract there is a seal of the devil.

The contract was evidence that dragged him into the realm of law at the time as a devil worshipper. Grandier was executed in the tragic way of being burned on a pole. If you are curious, with the contents of Father Urbain’s agreement with Satan or the King of Satan, here it is:

“We, the Demon King Lucifer, the young Satan, Beelzebub, Leviathan, Elimi, and Astaroth, together with others, have accepted the covenant with Urbain Grandier, which has become ours. And to him, we promise to give love from women, virgin flowers, respect from the king, honor, lust, and strength.

He would go on a three-day long trip; carousel will love him. He offered us a seal of blood once a year, under his feet he would trample on all the holy things in the church and would ask us many questions; by this covenant he will live twenty years on earth, and then will join us to sin against God”.

“Bound in hell, in the council of satanic kingdoms the ruler of the immortality of the world”.


Gilles de Rais was born into one of brittany’s leading families and inherited countless wealth. Unfortunately, Gilles de Rais suffered various attacks that made him almost fall poor. It is mentioned that Gilles de Rais attempted to regain his wealth by experimenting with the occult and magic to the the death of his son and engaging many by torturing, raping and killing.

Because of his crimes, he was tried with a suspended sentence and then his body was burned. Yes sometimes the difficulty of life can force people to think short until finally many “people sell their souls to satan” to serve in order to obtain treasures, thrones and riches all of which we also know that there is nothing immortal in this world.


Tartini is an Italian violinist and composer known for his sonata and concerto-focused works. “Devil Trill Sonata” is his most famous work.

There is a fascinating story of the work in which it is mentioned that the beginning of the formation of the work began from his dream that the devil came to him and played his violin. The devil’s performance in his dream was so mesmerizing to Tartini that Tartini wrote the sonata while remembering the melody he heard in his dream.


General Jonathan Moulton was an experienced New England General who had fought in the Indian War, the French War, the King and George Wars. After marrying and having 11 children, Moulton became one of the richest men in his area of New Hampshire. It is mentioned that Moulton made a spell with the devil to fill his boots with gold to the full.

However, Moulton made a trick by punching the soles of his shoes and making holes in the ground under his shoes. Feeling cheated, the devil then takes revenge so that when Moulton dies his body disappears from his coffin and is replaced with a coin that has a picture of the devil.


Johann Georg Faust was an alchemist and fortune teller from Germany who was rumored to be a witch because it involved himself with various occult practices or satanic callings. It is mentioned that Faust wanted to live with such an abundance of pleasure and satisfaction that she engaged in the occult practice.
It is said that Faust managed to exchange her soul for the devil for the devil’s 24-year devotion to her. However, not even the covenant, Faust felt remorseful and wanted to cancel the treaty but it did not work and ended in a very terrible death upon her.


Nicolo Paganini

Nicole Paganini was the greatest and greatest violinist to ever live. He learned to play mandolin at age 5 and started making songs at age 7! At the age of 12, Nicole began playing in public, but unfortunately at 16 she became depressed and became fond of drinking alcohol and getting drunk.

Then at the age of 22, He performed again and instantly became the first music superstar of his time. Paganini was able to play three octaves on four strings in hand stretch, a feat that is almost impossible even by today’s standards. He created 24 Caprices at the age of 23 and over the years no other violinist was able to play his music.

The audience believes Paganini made a deal with the devil. Some viewers even admitted to seeing demons helping him during his performance. In the end after He died, his body was refused to be buried in a Catholic burial in Genoa.


Cornelius Agrippa is a well-known writer during the Reinassance Esoterika. Although he had knowledge of medicine and law, he never got a degree. Cornelius Agrippa is regarded as an alchemist, soothsayer, occult writer as well as a witch because he wrote an occult book that is said to still be used today.

Because of her role as a leader who fought for women’s rights and often defended people accused of practicing witchcraft, Cornelius was considered heretical and was once sentenced to death. However, Cornelius managed to escape despite eventually suffering from a strange and rare disease until he eventually passed away in a terrible way.


The famous musician of Blues music in America is known as one of the greatest guitarists of all time. However, he is rumored to have a covenant with the devil. It is mentioned that Robert Johnson aspired to be a skilled and famous guitarist so met the devil to tune his guitar which also gave him power over the instrument.


Rihanna is one of the popular modern singers who is thought to have a deal with the devil to exchange her soul for fame. Not only that, Rihanna is also touted as a devil worshipper. Despite criticism from various parties, Rihanna has absolutely no regrets about the decision she has taken.


Who doesn’t know Katy Perry? For lovers of Western songs, Katy Perry’s name is familiar. However, who would have thought that Katy Perry was another famous figure who claimed to sell her soul to the devil when she was 15 years old to gain fame. He also claimed that in those days he often performed satanic worship rituals and devoted his soul.


Initially the rapper doubted his ability in rap. That’s because there’s a presumption that only negroids can do rappers. However, he has shown the world that he is capable and talented in the field of rap. He was repeatedly awarded the Grammy Award for best rap album. Some of his albums received the fastest best seller in recorded history in the United States.

I don’t know what this famous man was thinking at the time, he claimed that he broke into the network of illumination. This appears to be visible from the necklace symbol he wears. He also said that he regretted that he had sold his soul for his life. He also confirmed that he could not take his life back. He openly revealed this through his song Say Goodbye Hollywood.


Kanye West is one of stu’s famous American musicians. Musician and husband of Hollywood actress Kim Kardashian claims to be a devil worshipper and has served and sold her soul to the devil. Kanye West also often uses illuminati symbols and uploads photos of demons that horrifi media around the world.


16 Famous People Who Sold Their Souls to Satan

Stefani’s full-name singer Joanne Angelina Germanotta is an award-winning artist. He has received five grammy awards. His name was also listed in times magazine as an influential person in the world.

However, Lady gaga is famous as a controversial singer. She always comes up with a dress-up that galvanizes her audience. Often his behavior received criticism from various parties. He also frequently err on the market and supports free sex.

However, his strange appearance shows that he is an illuminati and has sold his soul. Not only that, other evidence is that illuminati symbols often appear in video clips. One of his most controversial videos is Alejandro.
In the video clip, he blatantly places an upside-down cross on his penis. In addition, Gaga’s face in the video appears blank while presenting strange things that refer to the illuminati, such as someone moving her.

The life of the entertainment world is very competitive indeed. Not many of them somersault to gain fame. However, the shortcut done by selling himself to the devil is not the right thing. We will not get anything one day by swapping our lives at stake for the worldly. If life is taken, then the earthly will leave us.

16. JAY Z

Jay Z is a well-known American rapper who is the husband of beyonce’s famous rapper. It is mentioned that Jay Z was a devil worshipper, joined religious black sects and performed cult rituals for the sake of wealth and popularity. Do you believe Jay Z’s admission coming out of his own mouth that he’s actually been “selling his soul to the devil”?

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