Big Mouth Drama: 5 Alleged Big Mouse Conspiracy Theories, One of Which Shocked You


Big Mouth is a Korean drama series (drakor) that has recently become a hot topic of conversation among drakor lovers. How not, the drama starring Lee Jong Suk and Yoona SNSD holds various conspiracy theories about who Big Mouse really is in the drama Big Mouth. Are you also one of those who are curious about who Big Mouse really is?

According to rumors, the Korean drama Big Mouth airs 16 episodes on MBC Korean TV every Friday and Saturday. Indonesian audiences can also watch Big Mouth sub Indo via Disney Plus Hotstar streaming service which airs every Friday and Saturday at 10pm (WIB).

Big Mouth’s conspiracy theory about the real Big Mouse is trending on Twitter with every new episode. In its episodes, Big Mouth drama is able to make fans curious with very interesting and exciting puzzles.


This noir genre drama tells the story of a lawyer named Park Chang Ho starring Lee Jong Suk. However, he had to go to jail because he was framed for drug possession. In addition, he was also accused of being Big Mouse, a drug dealer and criminal. Despite repeated denials and convincing people that he was not Big Mouse, no one believed him until he was sent to prison.

As the storyline progresses, there are many irregularities that leave the audience confused. The storyline in each unpredictable episode makes the audience curious, so that not a few make their own theories about who Big Mouse really is in the drama Big Mouth.



Here are some conspiracy theories about who Big Mouse is circulating among netizens. Reported by from Twitter @andkimkaii, this is the Big Mouth episode 9 theory that emerged to reveal who the real Big Mouse is.

  1. The mayor’s father discharged wastewater without a permit, but behind the mayor’s father was an elder. The mayor’s father was then banished (made to look guilty) by the elder. The real masterminds of wastewater discharge are the elders.
  2. A number of victims of wastewater pollution emerged and the Big Mouse organization was formed to fight those ‘above’, aka those who have power and like to act arbitrarily. Remember, Big Mouse always cheats and takes the money of the powerful. You can rewatch episode 1 to remember it.
  3. Most likely Professor Seo is the author of a paper on wastewater pollution.
  4. The mayor stole the paper with the intention of gaining the trust of the elders and also later used it to take revenge on the elders. Then he (the mayor) cheated Gong Jihoon out of 100 billion to bring him down. Because Jihoon was deceived by Big Mouse, the elders did not want to give Jihoon their trust.
  5. Victims were either locked up in a ward on the seventh floor or periodically moved to a psychiatric ward to conduct clinical trials.
  6. The clinical trial seems to aim for elders to expand their business as victims of water pollution become immune so they don’t die from wastewater pollution. The water is deliberately made polluted, then they will sell medicine to cure the victims of water pollution. This cycle is then repeated over and over again.
  7. In this process, the real Big Mouse made use of Park Changho to reveal this high-end crime and made it all the work of the fake Big Mouse (Park Changho). Changho was used by the original Big Mouse.
  8. There is a hidden meaning in this scene:
  • That means the 2 big mice: The original Big Mouse & the person in power who is arbitrary (a.k.a. tie-dyed mouse).
  • Experimental mice (victims) that gather and form a giant Big Mouse

From this theory, the theorist believes that Big Mouse is the mayor of the city, who is in charge because he wants revenge on the elders. And also for making his father the one to blame in the sewage case.


  1. Park Chang Ho

Many viewers were convinced that Big Mouse was actually Park Chang Ho. He allegedly has multiple personalities, with one being an incompetent lawyer, and the other being a mobster known as Big Mouse.

The audience’s suspicions and beliefs were strengthened by the discovery of evidence of wads of money on the ceiling of Park Chang Ho’s office. In addition, there were also dozens of gold bars and drugs behind the walls of his office.

  1. Go Mi Ho

Ever wondered if Go Mi Ho, starring Yoona SNSD, the wife of Park Chang Ho is the Big Mouse? If you remember again, in one of the episodes it was told, the one who fully paid for Park Chang Ho’s tuition was Goo Mi Ho. In addition, it was mentioned that his savings were earned from his side hustle. It’s just that Go Mi Ho’s side job was not explained until she was able to pay Cheng Ho’s tuition fees completely.

  1. Jerry

Jerry, starring Kwak Dong Yeon, is also one of the people viewers believe to be Big Mouse. Since his appearance at the beginning of the episode, he showed off a rat tattoo on his hand.

The audience’s suspicion was strengthened in episode 6, where in that episode his movements that ‘devoted’ himself to serving Park Chang Ho in detention made him look even more suspicious.

  1. Choi Do Ha

Choi Do Ha or the Mayor of Bucheon starring Kim Joo Hun is also not free from viewers’ suspicions that he might also be Big Mouse. As the leader of the city, Chou Do Ha has many networks that can make it easier for him to act as Big Mouse.

  1. No Park
    No Park, the head of the prisoners in Park Chang Ho’s cell, is also suspected by the audience to be Big Mouse. The reason is, he has the expertise to read tarot cards and predict people’s fortunes. In episode 5 and episode 6, Park Chang Ho claimed to have obtained a list of names who bought drugs from Big Mouse from the writing on tarot cards.
  2. Go Gi Kwang

Go Gi Kwang or Park Chang Ho’s father-in-law, played by Lee Ki Young, was also suspected as Big Mouse by the audience. Because, during the roll of this drama, he is described as a quiet figure. Go Mi Ho’s father is also a former police officer. This certainly made it possible for him to monitor his son-in-law’s movements in prison.

  1. Hyun Joo Hee

Hyun Joo Hee or the wife of the mayor’s wife starring Ok Ja Yeon also seems to have a chance as Big Mouse. The reason is, he seems mysterious, quiet and tends to be very careful, especially when it comes to professor Seo Jae Yong’s research paper.

  1. Gan Soo Chul
    Gan Soo Chul or the prison warden starring Kim Dong Won is also suspected of being Big Mouse’s subordinate. In some scenes, Gan Soo Chul is seen guarding every movement of the prisoner. The audience also believed that it was Soo Chul who reported everything that happened in detention to Big Mouse.

Thus the review of conspiracy theories about who Big Mouse really is in the drama Big Mouth is interesting to know. Which one do you think Big Mouse is?

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