Brazilian Tortoise, Carapace and Plastron


Turtle Red Ear Slider RES or Red Ear Sliders or commonly called by the name of Brazilian turtle turtle is very easy to recognize.

Their main feature is a stripe of red stars( or orange-yellow) beginning at the end of the eye of the Turtle Red Ear Slider and extending to cover the ear area of the Brazilian turtle.

The Brazilian turtle shell is round and smooth and has a dark and yellow stripe pattern.

The Brazilian turtle plastron (bottom shell) is also smooth and yellow with a different and unique pattern. Hatchlings start with a very bright green carapace that is slightly pliable and this turtle has a black green carapace. Along with the age of the TURTLE RES, the pattern becomes less visible and the carapace becomes blacker and the ear area tends to fade red.

Turtle skin of this species has a pattern of green and yellow stripes. Female Brazilian tortoises are physically larger than males. However, male turtles have longer claws or nails and long, thick tails. Despite the sharpness and length of their paws, no time is required to cut or trim the claws.

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Note: There are some other Brazilian turtles that have different shades and other patterns. They can be regional variants or the result of crosses or selective breeding.



Shell Turtle Brazil Red Ear Slider consists of carapace or top as well as section plastron or basic. This carapace is broken down into parts or plates that are spoken scutes ( osteoderms) made from keratin. It is similar to scales as well as derived from the RES’s epidermis. The top order of the scute was about to fall when the Brazilian turtle sheds. A bridge connecting carapace and plastron. This is the bone part between the front leg as well as the hind legs.

At the base of the tail there is cloaca- the only opening to serve the purpose of intestines, extermination and reproduction. Cloaca in female Brazilian turtles closer to the shell instead male turtles, which have a longer tail and thicker length Male Brazilian turtles have long front paws used throughout courtship rituals or in fights defending their territorial territory. Sharp claws can easily scratch the skin.

The entire physical characteristics of a Brazilian turtle have a beak made from a sharp piece of keratin. This beak can easily cut meat as well as fruits. Red Ear Sliders don’t have the teeth to break up a meal, but their esophagus is flexible enough to accommodate most meals. Not only that, Red Ear Slider needs water to swallow because they don’t create saliva. They may take food on land but they want to take it into the water when they swallow it.



The straight carapace length is used to measure RES correctly. In order to obtain this measurement, we carry out a line stretch between the front of the shell as well as the back and ignore the curvature of the carapace. The best method is to use a rigid ruler compared to the measuring tape.

The length of the hatchling carapace is close to 1 inch( 2.5 centimeters) in length. Hatchlings after the early years, currently spoken like virgins, reach a length near 2-3. 5″ inch. Male RES turtles are so intimately aged close to 4 inches long, in contrast female RES are close to 5 inches long. The average length of an aged RES can vary from 7 to 12 inches. Males range in age from 7 to 9 inches( 17. 8 cm- 22.8 centimeters) while females fall between 10- 12 inches( 25 cm- 30.5 centimeters).

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Note: Dimensions can’t be trusted to display age, but pet turtles generally thrive at a much more flashy rate. This is generally the result of overfeeding as well as the lack of hibernation period. Overfeeding poses a risky health ( body as well as intestinal) issues and captive RES does not need hibernation.

With the right habitat and dietary conditions, the Red Ear Slider turtles found in the cage can out live longer than their wild counterparts. Brazil’s 40-year-old tortoise can live for 40 years and wild Red Ear Sliders can live for 20 years.

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