10 Scary Deep Sea Creatures


Ancient animals are animals that lived hundreds of years ago, there are ancient animals found alive there are also deep sea creatures found only fossils. People must have captured the evidence in the form of photographs to make a proof that this type of ancient creature existed.

And this time we will provide information about a very creepy underwater creature, and one of the underwater creatures ever found with the largest size. Check out the info below to keep your insights growing, Here are 10 scary deep sea creatures:


Megalodon  Scary Deep Sea Creatures

It is a species of giant ancient shark that lived about 20 to 1.2 million years ago. This shark is larger than a cruise ship. His own name means “big tooth”. Megalodon belongs to a type of deep-water shark /Seabed that rarely rises to the surface except to look for prey it wants to eat.

Although this type of shark has never been found alive, many scientists argue that it is still alive, and that it is still a close breed of great white shark.


 basilosaurus Scary Deep Sea Creatur

Basilosaurus was a genus of cetaceans that lived from 40 to 34 million years ago at the end of the Eocene. The remains of the fossilized remains have been found in the United States (Louisiana), and at that time were once believed to be a kind of giant marine reptile. Although further research has disputed this. Fossils of at least two other species of this taxon have been found in Egypt and Pakistan.

Basilosaurus can grow up to 18 meters (60 feet) long, and is believed to be the largest underwater creature of their lifetime. Their tiny dorsal fins have drawn attention to paleontologists.


 Liopleurodon Scary Deep Sea Creatur

This underwater creature is a genus of carnivorous marine reptiles that belong to the clade of Pliosauroidea. 2 species of Liopleurodon lived during the Callovian period in the Middle Jurassic period (c. 160 to 155 mya), while the third species, L. rossicus, lived in the Late Jura period. The genus name Liopleurodon was introduced by H.E Sauvage in 1873 on the basis of three teeth measuring 70 millimeters.



This deep sea creatures belongs to the sea scorpion species. the length of this animal is 2.5 meters. It became one of the two largest anthropodas ever discovered. Although these deep-sea creatures belong to “sea scorpions”, experts think that these animals live in fresh waters, such as lakes and rivers.


 Mosasaurus Scary Deep Sea Creatur

Mosasaurus is a carnivorous water lizard, sometimes resembling a finned crocodile. Mosasaurus had large elongated jaws. The genus lived in the Maastrichtian era in the Cretaceous period (Mesozoic era), about 70-65 million years ago. This deep sea creatures is found near the River Meuse (Latin Mosa + Greek sauros lizard).

Capelliniosuchus, once considered a metriorhynchid crocodile, is actually a minor synonym of Mosasaurus. The first mosasaurus ever discovered, Mosasaurus hoffmannii, was discovered in a quarry near Maastricht, Netherlands in the 1770s.


 dunkleosteus Scary Deep Sea Creatur

Unlike sharks, which have survived for more than 400 million years, Dunkleosteus has a short-term of 50 million years. They can reach body sizes up to 30 feet long and weigh more than 4 tons. Because its body naturally forms like a layer of steel, this deep sea creature can be categorized as a relatively slow-moving creature. It is thought to dwell only at the bottom of the ocean. In addition to teeth, the front jaw of this deep sea creatures is shaped like a very sharp beak.


 Kronosaurus Scary Deep Sea Creatur

Kronosaurus, which has a short neck, is a 9-metre-long meat-eating marine reptile. It has 4 fins, two in front and two near its short tail. His head is big with a very strong jaw. His head can reach 9 feet ( 2.7 meters), this is about one-third the length of his body.

It can weigh about 20 tons. His teeth are around his jaw which can cut off skin and cephalopods. Kronosaurus lived on the high seas around Australia during the early Cretaceous period. Kronosaurus was not actually a dinosaur, but was a plesiosaurus, another type of reptile.


Giant-Stingray Scary Deep Sea Creatur

Giant Stingray is a water prehistoric animal that still lives to this day, this stingray is one of the largest and most dangerous freshwater stingrays ever in the world. but these fish are easy to train like seals and dolphins.


 Helicoprion Scary Deep Sea Creatur

Helicoprion is a type of shark that lived about 300 years ago. This shark has circular teeth reminiscent of a round saw. There is no definitive location of the “round-tooth”, given that the “round-tooth” is the only known fossil.

Based on reconstructions from experts, until recently it was concluded that the “round-tooth” is located at the front of the lower jaw, which serves to dig. One hypothesis states that the tooth serves to break into the shell of the shell that is one of its foods.


 Livyatan Scary Deep Sea Creatur

melvillei is a whale that eats other whales. Deep sea creatures It has the largest teeth of any animal that has ever used their teeth to eat. Melvillei lives in the same ocean and eats the same food as Megalodon, so this whale really has to compete with the biggest shark predator ever.

How, very interesting is not the deep sea creatures we discussed above? One of the ancient animals above is an animal that has been found. And it’s a very creepy deep sea creatures.

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