Seeing The Characteristics of Women From Breast Shape


Breasts are one of the greatest treasures a woman has so women need to look after and protect her. But based on a survey, a woman’s nature and personality can be seen based on the shape of her breasts.

This is not a prophecy but simply a special Study based on the shape of the breasts it has. There are at least 10 breast forms that represent the nature of women in general.

Here are 10 tips women viewed by type and shape of breasts following female characters judging by the type of breast shape.

Seeing The Characteristics of Women From Breast Shape
Type of breast shape


A woman with big breasts is a woman who doesn’t like to be supported by her freedom, she’s a self-sufficient woman. It is easy for this woman to start a relationship with a man, because she likes to be quick to be friendly with everyone, friendly and open. You’ll love to talk to this woman even if you know her.

In addition, he also had a broad mind, humble, and kind, while the philosophy of his life is this short life. But he doesn’t hesitate to forgive others who have done wrong to him. This woman aspires to marry a man who respects freedom and likes an active lifestyle. His idol man is the one who
responsible, and willing to share problems together.

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Busty women never hold serious bonding. Sometimes she doesn’t care about other people’s feelings, but on the contrary, if this woman is already bound in commitment, she likes to be with her family including fulfilling all family needs and being honest with her husband.

From the outside this woman looks like a good and responsible person, but in her heart her emotions will explode if faced with even a little problem. Macho and submissive men are the desires of this plump busty woman.


Women have these flat breasts greatly appreciate freedom and believe in individual theories. This woman often has conflicts with herself or people but this woman is easily able to find a solution to the problem she is facing.

This woman is talented in the field of art, such as interior decoration, handwork, cooking, and animal care. The man who suits this woman is a patient man and doesn’t talk much. Because this woman prefers to talk a little and work a lot, although stubborn this woman is full of warmth, love, and trustworthy.


Women’s Breasts Rise Up is very manageable, loyal to her partner, always alert, and likes the person who talks direct to the point. This woman tends to choose a man who fits her criteria. This is because once she falls in love, then she will be loyal to her partner.

The ideal man for this woman is one who has a high sense of humor and has an open personality. To choose a life partner, this woman does not judge from wealth, but the background of the male family.


The word fail is never in this dictionary of disjoined women. This woman’s hobby is to be passionate, read and very interested in art, so she is very excited and follow her heart in order to add to her experience.

This woman is suitable to be friends with people who can understand her, because she does have a big head, selfish and free to do anything.


Women who have a large aereola area, tend to be masculine or tomboyish. Generally, this tomboyish trait gradually disappears as this woman increases in adolescence, and she then begins to exhibit feminine traits. But this woman doesn’t like pressure
or restraint from others.

It was very difficult for him to be humble in front of others, because of his high self-esteem or ego. He likes to compare between friends with each other. The man who is suitable for this woman is trustworthy and always by her side when difficult and happy.


Women’s Widened Breasts are jolly and self-sufficient. Unfortunately, this woman likes to talk and exaggerate problems. Even crazier, this woman is very angry, does not like to be supported but quickly helps others who need help.

These women are always honest and forthright when they deal
with matters relating to emotions. Although this woman usually does not live in luxury, but she is a woman who is good at saving carefully. This is because she easily gets bored if she has to be by her partner’s side at all times, so she likes to be self-sufficient.


These women’s breasts are very sensitive. She will feel betrayed if her lover does not pay attention to her through certain gestures. Next she would cry and lose confidence in her love affair.

This woman’s mindset is very naïve and like an inexperienced person, this woman is rather slow in matters relating to sexual relations. But don’t worry because her knowledge and sex experience will increase after marriage.

In the household, this woman is very popular because of her kind nature, especially in welcoming her husband after work. The man who is the choice of this woman is a man who is responsible, courageous and assertive in his stance.


The woman who owns the breasts that look like bells is a practical and honest person. The downside is forgetfulness and lazy work. He often fights with his own feelings if he makes any choice and is easily bouncy if something makes them angry. This is what makes people dare not approach this woman who is easily moody if there is a little problem that applies. However, this woman has an attraction that is able to make men interested and feel happy beside her.


This woman is hard to resist other people’s requests. Her open nature, being able to understand others, and being patient, made this woman known as a kind and helpful person. Perhaps this kindness arises because he likes to interfere with other people’s affairs.

This woman aspires to be a wise wife, wife and mother to her children. The suitable partner for this woman is a man who has a permanent job because this woman can not bear to live hard and will face prolonged stress. If he is stressed he will easily get sick.

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