365 Days Movie Sequel: A Cliffhanger!


The finale of Polish writer Blanka Lipinska’s 365 Days trilogy was released Thursday (Aug 19) on Netflix. This movie had shocked the world during the pandemic, when the first part was released in 2020: 365 Days because of its vulgar scenes. This was followed by the second part, released in May, titled 365 This Day, and the final chapter, The Next 365 Days.

Starting with 365 Days, the story follows the meeting of Laura (Anna Maria Seicklucka) and Mafia boss Massimo (Michele Morrone), leading to sex and preparations for their wedding. The movie 365 This Day then follows the couple’s early married life and the conflicts between mafia gangs.

The second part of the trilogy received poor reviews. Weak in terms of plot and dialog. It feels empty, just sex almost the entire movie. But what about the ending of this trilogy that has just been released?


It tells the story of Laura Biel and Massimo Torricelli who have officially married.

However, their marriage began to experience problems after Laura, who was pregnant, suffered a miscarriage. Laura did not tell her husband about her miscarriage, and Massimo thought that Laura was selfish.

Massimo then began to suspect that his wife had been having an affair with Nacho and thought she had slept with him, but Laura denied it despite still having a crush on Nacho.

After that, Laura began to choose to be busy with her career as a fashion designer and was later invited to a fashion show in Portugal.

At this event, Laura was accompanied by Olga and then accidentally met Nacho. For this reason, Laura’s heart began to waver and eventually made her fall in love again because Nacho was always able to give her a soft side that she never got from her husband.

The two spent the night together, only for Massimo to find out and follow her to her hotel.

When caught in the act, Laura made it clear that she was asking Massimo for a divorce if he was still holding on to her. Nacho, on the other hand, will wait for Laura no matter what. For this reason, Laura was very indecisive between choosing Massimo or Nacho.

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365 Days Movie Sequel: A Cliffhanger!

Let’s move on to Laura’s dilemma. Indeed, since the movie 365 Days (2020), we don’t understand what we see in Massimo other than his good looks and lust.

Until the third movie, we still don’t understand what Laura has in mind for Massimo. But for sure, she has tied the knot of love over marriage with him.

With the sacredness of marriage, Nacho’s entrance into Laura’s life should have been easily dismissed. Laura has done this many times, but Nacho’s determination is so strong that it’s only increased in this 1 hour and 52 minute movie.

On at least two occasions, Nacho spoke one-on-one with Laura and described his vision of life with the Polish woman.

Speaking of ethics, what Nacho did was inappropriate. Destroying people’s homes is the main negative point that he presents strongly in this movie, especially when he then manages to make love to Laura, not just through dreams.

And Laura just fulfills the allegations of infidelity that Massimo threw at her, while Massimo never returned the favor.

And after everything happened, Laura met up with Nacho again who was a taxi driver. Laura gave an ambiguous answer to Nacho, “I need more time”, to which Nacho replied “I will wait”.

In the previous meeting, Nacho had also said that he would wait for Laura even if it was forever.

And when we meet Massimo, where Massimo asks Laura after telling her about her change in attitude, albeit for no good reason, “Are you back, Babygirl?” Laura remained silent until the credit title appeared.

It turns out that Laura’s silence in front of Massimo is more ambiguous than with Nacho. And this also leaves us with an ambiguous impression, will there be another 365 Days movie?

Isn’t this all enough? The same question slides back to you. Who would be more appropriate for Laura, Massimo or Nacho?

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The cliffhanger ending left viewers wondering, did Laura end up with Massimo or Nacho? Or even living the single life?

Unlike the book, there are many things that were not realized into the film. Moreover, there is the story of Massimo trying to drug Laura and force her to get pregnant. So, it’s not too surprising that he ran away with Nacho in the incident. So is Laura really pregnant and from whom? this remains unanswered.

Will there be a sequel? or is the audience left to make their own judgment? well we just look forward to the surprise from Netflix


1. The cast felt awkward during the sex scenes

Starring in the lead role as Laura, Anna Maria Seeklucky recounts what really happened on set when she did a hot scene with her co-star Michele Morrone as Massimo.

According to Anna, in reality the hot scene did not look like the movie. Anna Maria Sieklucka admitted that she was very awkward during the scene.

“Sex on set doesn’t excite me because it’s our job, and we’re always awkward and stressed. It’s really not something fun,” Anna Maria Sieklucka was quoted as saying by Pomponik.

2. Many Stars Return in ‘365 Days 2’

The male protagonist Massimo will be reprising his role in the movie “365 Days 2”, and that role is again taken by Michael Morrone, a criminal who owns a mansion where he keeps his lover imprisoned.

In addition, Anna-Maria Sieklucka, who previously played Laura, Massimo’s girlfriend in ‘365 Days 1’, will be reprising her role.

Magdalena Lamparska will also reprise her role as Laura’s best friend Olga. It is also rumored that other supporting cast members will return for this second sequel.

3. Adapted from a novel titled ‘365 DNI’ by Blanka Lipińska

The movie was adapted based on the first novel of the Stockhol Syndrome relationship trilogy ‘365 Dni’, written by Blanka Lipińska, and then made into a visual drama by directors Barbara Białowąs and Tomasz Mandes.

In a similar vein, 365 Days tells the story of a dominant and abusive Italian mafia gangster heir Don Massimo Torricelli, played by Michele Morrone, who falls in love with a Polish executive businesswoman, Laura Biel.

Massimo kidnapped the girl by offering her a contractual agreement to love him for 365 days.

4. Received Low Ratings from Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb

Comparable to the Fifty Shades trilogy, but featuring more daring intimate scenes, ‘365 Days’ still received low ratings from both Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb.

The Rotten Tomatoes site itself gives a 0% approval rating with a 1.25/20 rating from 6 reviews. Meanwhile, the IMDb site gave this movie a rating of 3.6/10 from 12,552 respondents.

Do you prefer fifty shades or 365 days?

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