How to Know the Difference between Persian Cats And Angora Cats


Persian Cat with Angora Cat is a breed of cat that has beautiful long fur. But between these two breeds of cats have several different types of characteristics.

The difference between persian cat and angora cat is ranging from facial expressions to activity levels, body characteristics, to personality. Here are some Persian Cat Differences With Angora Cats that we can see:

Facial Features
Persian cats have a distinctive facial feature, which is a slightly flat look with a large nose and round eyes.

While Angora Cat, also known as Turkish Angora, has a facial and snout look that is shaped like most other types of cat breeds. That is neither very flat nor very prominent. Angora cats also have almond-shaped eyes.

Persia Cat has a body shape also known as a “cobby” body, where the body is medium to large, and also has a stocky and dense stature.

While in cats Angora tends to have a medium-sized body and also a smaller stature. The shape of the bones in angora cats is also not very prominent.

Generally Persian cats are relatively quiet, calm, affectionate, and also have less curiosity when compared to most other types of cat breeds.

While in cats Angora is more vocal, happy to play, and also rarely stay silent for a long time.

Every now and then persian cats can be fun when played around, but they still tend to be quieter and also quieter overall.

While in cats Angora is a very active breed of cat and also very fun when invited to play.

In everyday attitudes both Persian cats and Angora cats are also different. Persian cats usually walk slowly with short legs and are also spoiled. But in cats Anggora is more flexible when walking like a model. Anggora’s cat is so smart to pose that it looks so adorable.

Hopefully, how to know the difference between persian cats and angora cats can help cats lover to recognize which Persian cat is Angora.


Country of OriginAnkara (Turkey)Persian (Iran)
Body ShapeSlimRounded corners
Foot ShapeLongShort
Face ShapeTriangleRound
Cat FurDenseMore Dense
Cat TailExpandsExtends
Cat CharactersActivePassive
Kucing’s ActivityLots of movesLots of silence
Caring for FurEasyMore difficult
HealthRarely sickEasy pain
PriceVery ExpensiveRelatively Cheaper, Some Expensive
Anggora Vs Persian Cat

Overall, while both breeds are beautiful and have many similarities, the differences in their physical features can help you identify which breed you are looking at.

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