Medium Persian Cat Features You Should Know


Medium Persian cat, how to find out? Actually to know and recognize the characteristics of persian cats medium is very easy, but there are a small number of people who do not quite understand, especially for lay cat lovers or novice cat lovers.

This persian cat feature is very important to know so as not to be deceived when it comes to buying puppies or the term kitten cat persian medium. Well, maybe here’s a little review that can describe or explain to you about the information about this one cat.

What exactly distinguishes an ordinary Persian cat from a medium Persian cat? The difference is only one, and it will be very clear that it is on his nose. If the persian cat is pure, then the shape of the nose he has pesek. As if a persian cat medium the shape of his nose is a mancung. Persian medium cats themselves are the result of mating between persian cat breeds and other cats such as local Indonesian cats.

However, it is not only with the mating of Persian cats and local cats so called persian medium, persian crossbreeded with anggora cats are also called medium Persian cats. The mating results of both types of cats result in a new breed of cat breed that has a nose shape that is syug.

The fur owned by persian medium cats is also diverse, some are long hair and some are short hair. However, not all persian cats that are cross-mated with other cats will have a smudgy nose shape. Like persian cats mixed with American short hair or British short hair, it will produce a more exotic persian-nosed cat breed better known as exotic short hair and exotic long hair.

For the price problem, persian cats with persian medium cats have different prices. Usually, medium persian cats cost much less than regular Persian cats. But medium persian cats are not always cheaper than regular Persian cats. Because in some cases persian medium cats can be funnier than regular Persian cats.

The price of amedium persi cat depends on how cute and cute, and it also depends on the breed. Another thing that affects the price of persian type both ordinary Persian and Persian medium is the vaccine. Whether it’s vaccinated or not. However, the price of persian cats usually starts from Rp 500 thousand. There is also rp 350 thousand. While for red tabby color usually the price is more expensive. Peaknose types also usually have more expensive prices. If the cat is very cute, the price can reach 1 to 2 million rupiah.


Persian medium cats have the following characteristics, note below you need to observe and memorize correctly.


Usually medium Persian cats have longer legs and are slightly larger than local cats.


It has long feathers and is quite dense. The dense fur is generally longer than the village cat breed.


The face shape of the persian medium cat is not very flat and the nose is not too pesek or pointy face shape but not the exclamation pointy cat local.


Larger, adjacent ears.

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After reading the review above, it is expected that you can distinguish the type of ordinary Persian and Persian medium. You can get this type of Persian cat at a nearby pet store and don’t forget to read also about how to properly care for the Persian medium.

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