Olay Natural White Pinkish Fairness Review


Olay is a P&G based product in Thailand. I would like to say that Olay is not a local Indonesian product because it is made in Thailand. Although it has been imported, it’s just a matter of not having BPOM but Olay Natural White products have spread in almost all of Asia and are favored by Asian women, until now I know in Arabic, Indian, Thai, Filipino, Malaysian, Indonesian and many more.

I also read Olay product reviews from Indian love bloggers, and many reviews say that Olay products are good. Really, it is very difficult to find Olay product reviews, as many reviews come from outside and speak English. So I am very excited for this review.

Also, because in recent years there has been an extraordinary trend in cosmetic products that “promises” to reduce quickly and embarrass people, Olay also does not want to lose. He dropped Olay Pinkish Fairness Olay with UV Protection Whitening Cream and Olay Natural White Light with UV Protection in Indonesia, the star of the ad is Ranty Maria.

FYI products have long been released in their country, Thailand. I know because I follow the Instagram of an amazing Thai artist, called Pimtha, at that time I saw a post like that when she continued, she showed me a picture when sending Olay products like I am now. Yes, it turns out that the ad star is still there. If in Thailand, Olay products are complete, for natural white variants – as well as Rich, Light, Pinkish Fairness and sachet packaging.

Actually in Indonesia based on observations, local products are racing again for makeup / powder. But Olay doesn’t launch creams, and even rejuvenates creams. I am very happy with this product, will be as good as the previous version of what I respect – praise excellence? Let’s go live Review!

About Packaging

Packaging Olay Natural White Pinkish Fairness Review

Packing – this is more interesting than the rich packaging of the rich people I have introduced. The jar is a combination of white and blue, while the Pink box is illustrated with a rose and a milk crown. Strong and thick plastic bottles, if dropped, will be safe. Because I bought the biggest package (50gr) so it was packed like fat. Not travel friendly. It is better to buy a tube if you want to be taken away.

For 50gr weight boxes, the information in the box uses English, and the product description is 2 languages (English and Indonesian). if the 25gr statement in the box is Indonesian, and for the 25gram package there is a picture of Ranty Maria. There is also a 20gr tube packaging. The reason I bought it was 50gr because I thought it was appropriate – just use the Olay product, because before I try and customize it.

There are a few things I don’t like about this Olay package. First of all, they have no seal at all. I am worried that the authenticity of the product will be placed because it can be blocked by bad people. However, every time I buy Olay in Yogya or Asia, I have to use the bill, so that this product is handled by SPG, unlike other brands of products that only take it upon themselves, so the risk of trying it can be reduced.

If you buy in store subscription cosmetics as well. Then the other I do not like the other, purportedly the olay package has no lid / barrier between the jar and the lid. So the cream already covers the lid of the jar. It’s not really a problem, but I’m just a person – not so happy when I see the moisturizer I have, it seems dirty.


Your skin is often exposed to UV rays from the sun that can make it look dark. This moisturizing cream:

• Has substances that protect the skin from sunlight
• Brightens and softens the skin
• Disguise visible black spots and even skin
• Enriched with milk & charred roses on the skin, which is more noticeable today Bright and Blush with regular use

Olay Natural White is used and loved by millions of Asian women. Come on, join us now!


olay natural white pinkish ingredients

Based on the material, niacinamide material (vit B3) is quite high because it is in the second position. This herb serves to cleanse the skin. There is also vitamin E (tocopheryl acetate), menthol, milk lipids and rose extract in the last line of composition/ingredients. FYI This olay cream still contains parabens.

For UV protection content, I don’t know what SPF or PA is, but I’ve read blogs on Thai beauty bloggers, and at Pinkish Fairness Olay in the country, stating that SPF 24 and PA++ I don’t know why Pinkish Fairness Olish NW was released in Indonesia, what is SPF for? I don’t care about SPF, I have UV protection, I’m grateful, but since I use high SPF powder, I don’t think SPF Olay is satisfied.

View & Benefits

Olay texture and Color Cream thick and white. This is similar to the Olay Natural White Rich Day Cream that we tried the first time. nice and beautiful The texture is still the same, but the pink justice was light and just a different finish. If Olay Natural White, the end result and make it uncomfortable (but not bad if I was there), but if Pinkish Fairness Olay, the matte finish, says he does not speak matte or not. They don’t have a dead matte like the Garnier Sakura moisturizer.

Then according to the claim, Olay’s cream after use makes the face look brighter and radiant, but looks natural, under the name Natural White. It’s not white or gray. To add a claim since the first use doesn’t seem like the time. Oh yes, when I first used it, I didn’t feel it was a hot reaction or not, but nothing bothered me. The cream is also easily excavated and absorbed quickly.

I used this cream as a base before using BB cream. Surprisingly, he’s very good at using language! I am glad that this cream can be easier, then a quick cream cream with a mixture of skin tones, different when using the cream first, have to wait a few minutes to add color. I am very happy to use this cream cream, I am not as fast as oily/oily. Maybe it’s a semi-matte result, yes, so there’s oil control.

So it is very easy to use without using (as a moisturizer), the cream makes her face soft and weak. Usually I use cream in the afternoon, the last result is always dewy, and the ends are definitely oily and a little less twin. Okay, Olay’s not far from rich’s resident version, which is a bit greasy. The moisturizing ability is excellent. But because of the semi-matte finish, it’s better for me to have a rich Olay Natural White. 

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The Olay Natural White Pinkish Fairness range offers a promising solution for individuals seeking to improve their skin's fairness and achieve a radiant, pinkish glow. With its powerful Pinkish Fairness Complex, nourishing Triple Nutrient System, and UVA/UVB protection, these products aim to address common skincare concerns while promoting a more even and vibrant complexion. While individual results may vary, incorporating the Olay Natural White Pinkish Fairness line into your daily skincare routine may help you unlock the secret to naturally glowing, pinkish skin.Olay Natural White Pinkish Fairness Review