Tourism Prostitution in Batam Became the Target Travelers Singapore


Batam red light district – Nightlife tasted this exotic island. Visible colorful lights twinkling in several brightly colored building with a signpost reads massages, pubs and karaoke. Third place was occupied by the powder-faced angel with mini clothes while sucking a menthol cigarette in red lips.

Call it John, one of the guards hotel A revealing Nagoya District is one of the entertainment venues in Batam prostitutes which will be the world famous night. Depending money we have, there is the quality of first-class and economy class available in full in there. “If that is the side of the hotel stands was IDR 300 thousand for a short time. It can not be negotiable, it is fitting that much, “said John who claimed to have tried to services of prostitutes was two months ago.

Ambonese man who had four years of work in this Batam red district detailing comfort women fare in Batam. They can not enjoy all the result of sweat sweat. Income female entertainers serve lust after naughty man should be divided with some actors who helped the world tonight’s prostitution.

“Rates $ 300 thousand were still divided after paid guests. IDR 100 thousand for him, then IDR 100 thousand for motorcycle taxis and IDR 100 thousand for the cost of the hotel, “he said as he sipped a glass of black coffee.

John is not sure when cooperation among prostitutes, motorcycle, and the innkeeper started. Apparently, they naturally require and depend each other in an attempt to reap a fortune from wallets man masher. “Wow did not know when the beginning, I am here only 4 years have been like this. Think win-win so continue further cooperation, “he said.

John continued, dozens of motorcycle taxi drivers who every day hung in front of the hotel first ever use the services of a prostitute. Then they exchanged phone numbers and continues to offer to fellow biker or tourists who come to Batam.

“The possibility of a motorcycle that never wear (comfort women). Continue to ask for the phone number and arguably to a friend’s apartment or to its passengers, “he added while showing some of the numbers which he collected comfort women.

People call this area, Nagoya. An elite entertainment centers that are very familiar to tourists who love to visit the island of Batam. Almost all the entertainment venues in Nagoya provides a plump and beautiful women.

One of the tourists from Singapore who called Niko states routinely traveled to Batam on weekends. In addition because of the distance between Singapore and Batam are relatively close, along with some colleagues deliberately want to unwind from work atmosphere.

“To Batam just for refreshing. Yes while it’s streets again vacation “Niko said when talking at a Batam, Sunday.

The man of Chinese descent denies the most tourists from Singapore likes to hunt women in Batam. They know this island as a paradise world of night work colleagues who never visited before. A visit to Batam red light district was routinely performed.

“Yes it complements (female entertainer). We’re also on a business trip here did not make it all, “he explained with a smile.

Separately, one hotel employee A, Ayi, revealed many tourists Singapore come not only picnic or seek momentary gratification. They are well known fond of maintaining mistresses. Therefore, they are certainly off work every routine visit the mistress.

“They (tourists Singapore) often here, even already subscribed. Usually the same mistress who in Batam, “said the woman who recently graduated from high school.

Ayi mentions no fewer women are choosing to be Batam mistress Singaporeans. The needs of the high life in Batam make them do everything they can to survive. “Many are promiscuous so savings anyway. Satisfied (necessities of life), usually the home, car and daily necessities, “he said as reported by page.

Not only that, he reveals the behavior of the citizens of Singapore is due to play oblique slit in the country somewhat difficult. They were afraid of getting caught by his official wife in Singapore if playing crazy. “They say there is difficult for search of deposits. If in Batam still easy, as long as there the money. he says.

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