Morocco Earthquake 2023: Tragedy Strikes with 1,037 Casualties


A powerful earthquake with a magnitude of 6.8 struck Morocco on Friday night (8/9/2023). According to Sky News, the total number of casualties has reached 1,037 by Sunday (9/9), up from the initial count of 800 people.

Authorities have reported that many of the casualties are in hard-to-reach areas, particularly in the southern part of Marrakesh. When the earthquake occurred, all residents were awakened and ran into the streets out of fear of aftershocks.

One man witnessed many people falling and being trapped under collapsed buildings. Another witness, a woman, recounted how she panicked and fled her home.

There was even a father who carried his child, doing his best to avoid the possibility of being trapped by a building while he and his child were sound asleep. Currently, most residents choose not to return to their homes and are sleeping outside with blankets as makeshift bedding.

Numerous ambulances have been shuttling back and forth, transporting injured victims to the Mohammed VI International Hospital in Marrakesh throughout Friday night and Saturday morning. The Marrakesh Regional Blood Transfusion Center has recently urged survivors to donate blood to assist the injured victims.

“We urge all residents, especially those in the city of Marrakesh, to donate blood to help the injured,” said Samira Fezzani, Director of the Marrakesh Regional Blood Transfusion Center, in an interview with Morocco’s Medi1 radio station.

All healthcare facilities in Marrakesh and the Mohammed VI Hospital have been mobilized to provide the necessary medical care for the injured victims.

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