Singapore’s Sudden Warning: Indonesian Forest Fires Threaten Haze


Singapore has suddenly issued a warning concerning Indonesia with an unexpected focus. This issue is not about politics or the military but revolves around the environment. 

A significant surge in forest fires in Sumatra in recent days has raised deep concerns in Singapore, as it impacts the atmospheric conditions in the city-state.

The National Environment Agency of Singapore (NEA) recently posted alarming information on Facebook, noting the detection of 23 fire hotspots on Sunday, followed by 28 hotspots the day before, primarily concentrated in the southern region of Sumatra. 

NEA also predicts that dry weather conditions will persist in southern and central Sumatra, exacerbating hotspot situations and triggering the emergence of hazardous haze affecting Singapore.

This situation heightens the risk of hazy conditions that can disrupt everyday life in Singapore, and NEA strongly urges vigilant monitoring of the situation. 

As reported by Channel News Asia (CNA), the issue of haze stemming from forest fires in Indonesia has been an ongoing challenge for the Southeast Asian region over the past few decades.

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