Ukraine’s Drone Strikes on Russian Military Bases in Crimea Raise Tensions


The Ukrainian Military Intelligence Agency (GUR) reported on Friday (25/8) that Ukrainian drone or unmanned aircraft attacks had struck Russian military bases deep within the Crimea region, which Russia had annexed.

GUR also mentioned that some residents reported casualties, explosions, and road closures.

On Friday morning, Russia reported a coordinated air attack by Ukraine in the Russian-controlled territory but stated that their air defense systems had downed 42 drones attacking Crimea before they could reach their targets.

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Ukrainian intelligence officials said the attack targeted the Russian 126th Coastal Defense Brigade based in Perevalnoye, a city over 200 km from Ukrainian-controlled territory.

“We confirm that there was an attack,” said GUR spokesperson Andriy Yusov, according to the Ukrainian media Liga.Net.

Moscow annexed Crimea from Ukraine in 2014 and declared it as Russian territory.

The United States stated its support for Ukraine’s attacks on Russian military targets in the Black Sea peninsula, citing the need for its demilitarization.

“The people – not only in mainland Ukraine but also in Crimea – need to remember and believe that our victory and their liberation are not far off,” said Ukrainian Military Intelligence Chief Kyrylo Budanov regarding the Friday attack.

Residents of Perevalnoye, who posted on the Telegram messaging app, reported hearing explosions from the military base and mentioned casualties.

Reuters could not independently verify these reports.

“Two people were killed on the firing range, and one was taken to the hospital in critical condition. This information is from on the ground,” said a user named Abdul Has, with a profile picture showing a man in camouflage uniform.

Another user, going by the name Vlad the Local, estimated that there was roughly one fatality.

“Why is the gate to the military city closed?” questioned someone with the username Julia Julia.

Another user with the name Lis advised fellow residents not to share information.

“Perevalnoye residents, I strongly recommend – do not write here what is happening and how it is happening. We will help them navigate the shooting in the future by doing this,” wrote Lis.

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