The Best Places on the Internet to find Free ebooks


Need a quick reference, but must visit the library, open a book, and search per page? You must determine how to locate eBooks on the open Internet.

An exhaustive reading of a printed book is undoubtedly more gratifying. The eyes are less tense, the feeling when flipping the page is more confident, and the comprehension is also more stable. However, when pressed for time, we require an immediate response so as not to miss the deadline.

Thankfully, eBooks are available on the Internet. With eBooks, you don’t even have to read the entire book to find references; simply use the search function.

Immediately, here’s a place where you may download pdf books for free.


The website, which is managed by the Internet Archive, indexes nearly all published books. Several novels written in Indonesian are included on this website. Appropriate for individuals looking for PDF eBooks online.

Open Library’s goal is to provide a catalog of all published books. Unfortunately, not all books are available for PDF download.

There are currently approximately 20 million digital book copies available. The California State Library and the Kahle/Austin Foundation provide funding for the Open Library.

When looking for books on Openlibrary, a caption appears beneath the search results.

Not in library: Listed in the catalog but unavailable for reading or borrowing.
Read: OpenLibrary’s viewer makes it possible to read books without creating an account.
Borrow: May Lent Books
Join the line to borrow books; once the book has been returned, you will be able to borrow it.


Project Gutenberg can also be used as a resource while searching for an ebook. There are almost 60,000 free eBooks available for download in both eBook and kindle formats. Unfortunately, this website focuses on books for which the United States copyright has lapsed.

The site, conceived by Michael S. Hart, is open to anyone interested in contributing to the compilation of the world’s finest books. This website’s benefits include the fact that it is completely free, requires no registration, and can be downloaded without the need for a specific application.


Where can I find foreign ebooks, journals, and papers?

This website is frequently utilized by students to access eBooks for research purposes. In addition to books, there are also free articles and academic periodicals available. If you are writing this thesis, this is a common area to find references.

There are also graphic novels, magazines, novels, and audiobooks. Please note, however, that this website is unlawful because the books on it are pirated.

Libgen refers to its website as a “link aggregator” because it provides links to obtain book files. Therefore, you do not need a reliable account to obtain it.


Similarly to libgen, bookfi is frequently a source of information. This website provides access to more than 2.23 million books. The website is likewise non-profit, therefore there is no payment for visitors. Bookfi is dedicated to the open source and free-culture movements.

Unfortunately, this website was taken down due to its illegal nature. Even with a VPN, the site remains inaccessible at this time. Bookfi hopes that academics would fund this website so that it can always provide open access to information.


How can I locate free ebooks? Simply visit Zlib and put the title of the desired book in the given column.

This site, often known as Zlib, is an update to Bookfi or bookfinder. According to some reports, this website is actually a reflection of the shadow library Library genesis or libgen.

In 2022, libgen accumulates over twelve million and eighty-four million articles. With this vast collection, Zlib claims to be the world’s largest ebook library and the largest repository of scholarly publications.

According to Z lib, diirnya is a charitable organization that operates on donations.

Is z library prohibited? Yes, as previously said, the books here are pirated, so downloading ebooks from this site is unlawful.


On this website, numerous examples of classic English literature are presented. Since the copyright period has expired, works of fiction by Lewis Carroll, The Bronte Sisters, Jack London, Mark Twain, and Charles Dickens, as well as nonfiction by Charles Darwin and René Descartes, can now be included on this website.

The downloaded file is in ePub format and may be viewed in a web browser.


This website contains connections to free downloads of ebooks, articles, papers, and other resources. Therefore, if you are a student, scholar, or bookworm, you must enjoy this website.

Since its inception in 2008, the site has undergone numerous modifications and expansions. This website is currently mobile-friendly, so it can be accessed from a mobile device.


The Best Places on the Internet to find Free ebooks

BookBoon’s purpose is to provide everyone with access to self-improvement and business resources. There are numerous book categories to pick from, including self-improvement, productivity, remote working, information technology, management, communication, leadership, economics, statistics, and engineering.

This website is highly suggested if you need a book for the aforementioned citation. Unfortunately, a subscription is required to read this book for free. If not, you must purchase the ebook.

This website focuses on delivering books to businesses that want to assist their employees with personal development. The food and books offered have been modified to be simple to understand and brief.


This website initially appears basic, like a sheet of paper. There are 500 books available for download here. This is separated into multiple categories.

There are numerous book categories available, including art, biography, business, children’s literature, computers, cooking, entertainment, health, Law, Sports, and Travel.

It’s unlikely, yet there may be the book you need here.


In addition to the sites listed above, there are additional resources for finding free Indonesian ebooks. The free indonesian book download site pdf contains a wide variety of book formats.

Therefore, if you are looking for Indonesian eBooks about the internet, you can use this website. There are numerous resources, including online tutorials for beginners, internet governance, information systems, computer networks, and a great deal more.

This website offers free pdf eBooks, so there’s no need to worry about being charged or registering beforehand.

This is the website where you may search for PDF eBooks on the internet. There’s no need to worry if you don’t have money or a credit card to buy books online, as the majority of the above websites offer free ebooks.

How to locate this free eBook will be of great assistance to thesis-writing students and bibliography-seeking researchers. In addition, there are numerous novel eBooks that can provide you with entertainment.

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