Bill Gates Was Threatened About an Affair Scandal with Mila Antonova


It turned out that Bill Gates had been involved in a scandal in 2010. A report by The Wall Street Journal said that Bill Gates’ affair scandal at that time was known to a financial expert and accused of sexual violence from the US, Jeffrey Epstein.

In fact, the late Jeffrey Epstein was reported to have threatened Bill Gates to leak the Bill Gates affair scandal, via email in 2017.

Quoting Business Insider, Monday (22/5/2023), Epstein is said to have sent threatening emails after several failed attempts to get Bill Gates to join his efforts to build a large charity fund with JP Morgan.

According to reports, Bill Gates had an affair with a Russian woman named Mila Antonova who was in her 20s at the time, around 2010. The two met through a bridge card tournament.

According to the same information, The Wall Street Journal also uncovered a 2010 YouTube video, in which Antonova talks about her love of bridge and mentions meeting the billionaire at a national bridge tournament.

Antonova then met Jeffrey Epstein in 2023’s, when he was trying to raise funds for the BridgePlanet business, where she wanted to grow and teach others about the card game she loved.

According to information on her LinkedIn account, Antonova is now a software engineer. He also said he did not know about Epstein’s crimes when he filed for Epstein’s funds, five years after Epstein’s guilty plea and imprisonment in 2008.

The Mistress Sick of Epstein

At that time, Epstein pleaded guilty to providing a minor for prostitution, which made him a sex offender.

“I just thought he was a successful businessman and wanted to help. I’m sick of Epstein and what he did,” Antonova told The Wall Street Journal.

Meanwhile, Bill Gates’ side said, “Mr. Gates met with Epstein solely for philanthropic purposes. After repeatedly failing to pull Mr. Gates beyond this issue, Epstein unsuccessfully tried to use past relationships to threaten Mr. Gates,” said Gates’ party.

A spokesman for the Bill Gates charitable foundation did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment prior to publication.

After efforts to fund his business failed, Epstein paid Antonova to attend programming camps so he could pursue other jobs in software development.

Wants Bill Gates to Become a Main Investor for a Charity Program

Jeffrey Epstein
Jeffry Epstein

Epstein met with Gates several times, starting in 2011, along with several other high-profile shops such as Woody Allen and Noam Chomsky.

A spokesman for the billionaire previously said Gates only met with Epstein because he was interested in helping grow Gates’ business. He once regretted hanging out with Epstein.

In the various transactions and connections with Epstein and JPMorgan Chase that are the subject of an ongoing lawsuit, he is reportedly trying to start a massive charity fund, in which he expects Gates to be his primary investor.

The Journal reported that in several emails and messages to JPMorgan executives, Epstein described his relationship with Gates as a close personal one. Gates’ spokesman denied this, in which Gates said Epstein misinterpreted his relationship with Bill Gates.

Bill Gates’ Denial

After failing to get Bill Gates to join his charitable foundation, a JPMorgan spokesperson said the bank did not need Epstein as a client or introduction. “We hope we never do business with him,” a JPMorgan spokesperson said.

It didn’t stop there, in 2017, Epstein sent Gates an email requesting reimbursement for Antonova’s coding camp tuition fees, with the implication that he was aware of Gates’ affair and was prepared to disclose it to those closest to him.

Gates reportedly never paid him and it’s unclear if the two interacted after the 2017 email.

Furthermore, in 2019, Epstein died in a New York prison after an investigation from the Miami Herald revealed that there were dozens of other victims who accused Epstein and his partner, Ghislaine Maxwell. Both were also criminally charged.

Epstein’s death in prison was ruled a suicide. Meanwhile, Maxwell was sentenced to 20 years in prison last June for his role in a human trafficking and abuse scheme.

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