Avatar 2: The Way of Water – Everything You Need to Know


Avatar 2 now has an official title, Avatar: The Way of Water. This is the sequel to the first movie that was released in 2009. The teaser trailer premiered at CinemaCon on April 27, 2022 and was released online on May 9, 2022.

Speaking in March 2022, Steve Asbell, President of 20th Century Studios, teased that the sequel “will blow people away”. “You’re not ready for what Jim [Cameron, director] is doing,” reported Digital Spy, Tuesday (10/5/2022).

James Cameron, the director, who is also often labeled as a ‘flirtatious man’ for not releasing Avatar 2 sooner revealed that he is “working hard to put the finishing touches on the movie”. He previously talked about how the decision to set most of the movie underwater was one of several factors why the movie took so long.

“It sounds kind of crazy, the process,” Cameron admitted to EW about his plans for the sequel. “I mean, if Avatar hadn’t made so much money, we would never have done this – because it’s kind of crazy.”

If anyone can do it, it’s Cameron, the director responsible for two of the top three highest grossing films of all time, Avatar and Titanic. Some may question whether anyone wants Avatar 2 now, but never bet against the filmmakers.


Avatar 2: The Way of Water - Everything You Need to Know

1. Jake and Neytiri’s family

The setting of Avatar 2 takes place 14 years after the conflict in Avatar 1, which was released in 2009, and Jack has become a full member of the Nafi tribe. Jack and Neytiri are also married and have three children,

2. Jack Champion as Spider

Spider was born on a military base in Pandora, but due to obstacles and unable to return to earth, Spider was raised by Jack and Neytiri, it is suspected that Spider’s character will play a role as a conflict trigger in this family-themed film. Neytiri always thought of Spider as the one who destroyed her home and killed her father.

3. Underwater movie technology

Perhaps this is the reason why Avatar 2 took 13 years to return to theaters, as director James rejected the use of green screens in favor of underwater motion capture, which requires the film crew and cast to be completely underwater during the shoot.

4. Kate Winslet’s record for survival in water

The cast of Avatar 2 had to be in the 900,000 gallons of water for every scene they were required to be in, so they had to be extra breathable during filming. The highlight of the actress Kate Winslet managed to hold her breath for 7 minutes 14 seconds underwater, she managed to beat Tom Cruise’s record who managed to hold his breath underwater for 6 minutes in the movie Mission Impossible.

5. Became the most expensive movie

With its idealistic and extraordinary directorial vision, Avatar is said to be the most expensive movie, this is due to its dominant use of special effects and the first time using underwater motion capture technology, it is said that this film spent up to 250 million dollars. Indeed, if you look at this figure, it is not too expensive for a movie, but based on information that VIVA summarizes, the film Avatar 2 will be present in 4 sequels and when combined the four sequels have spent 1 billion dollars or the equivalent of 14 trillion rupiah.

Zoe Saldaña, who co-stars in the movie, mentioned that the movie is worth the wait. During the 20-minute viewing of the Avatar movie, her eyes welled up with tears.

“I think you really have to prepare yourself for it, but it will be an adventure you won’t forget,” he said.

According to the plan, Avatar: The Way of Water hits theaters in December 2022. This sequel also kicks off a series of sequels every year until Avatar 5 in 2028.



Avatar 2 was set for a December 2020 release before Disney shifted it again to December 2021. It came after completing the Fox takeover. Despite the hiccups, Cameron remained calm. “There was also a seven-year gap between The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgment Day, a seven-year gap between Alien and Aliens,” he said.

In November 2018, BBC reported that the four planned Avatar sequels will be titled Avatar: The Way of Water, Avatar: The Seed Bearer, Avatar: The Tulkun Rider, and Avatar: The Quest for Eywa. In addition to Zoe Saldana reprising the role of Na’vi princess Neytiri, Sam Worthington also returns as the human turned Na’vi/Jake Sully.

Meanwhile, Kate Winslet joined the group. He played the role of Ronal in all the Avatar sequels, marking his first collaboration with James Cameron since the 1997 blockbuster Titanic.

The sequel will introduce a new Na’vi clan called Metkayina, led by Cliff Curtis as Tonowari. Winslet’s character Ronal is also a member of the Metkayina clan, along with the likes of Bailey Bass’ Reya and Duane Evans Jr’s Rotxo.

Jake and Neytiri also have Na’vi children in the sequel, including Jamie Flatters’ Neteyam, Britain Dalton’s Lo’ak and Trinity Bliss’ Tuktirey. They also adopted the human child Miles Socorro aka Spider, played by Jack Champion.



Avatar is an American adventure science fiction film directed by James Cameron. Cameron also produced the movie with Jon Landau. The movie script was written by James Cameron. The movie stars Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Stephen Lang, Michelle Rodriguez and Sigourney Weaver.

Avatar premiered at the Odeon Leicester Square on December 10, 2009 and was released in the United Kingdom on December 17, 2009 and in the United States on December 18, 2009. The movie received positive reviews from critics. According to Rotten Tomatoes, the movie has an 83 percent rating, based on 299 reviews.

According to Box Office Mojo, the movie grossed around 2,787,965,087 US dollars or IDR 40.5 trillion. As if to repeat the success of Avatar 1, the sequel was designed with a cast not much different from the Avatar 1 cast.

The movie Avatar tells the story of Earth in 2154, which is experiencing a severe energy source crisis. Humans must find energy sources on another planet called Pandora. On the planet Pandora, there is a huge energy source called unobtanium.

To explore Pandora’s biosphere, scientists use Na’vi and human hybrids called “avatars”. It is operated by a genetically matched human, Jake Sully. The paralyzed ex-marine replaced his late twin brother as the operator for one avatar.

So how about Avatar fans? Are you ready to watch Avatar 2 in theater?

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