Dolly Parton Rockstar Revelry: A Cinematic Album Premiere


Dolly Parton is marking the release of her new album, Rockstar, in a truly distinctive way.

Die-hard Dolly fans will get the chance to savor Dolly Parton latest album ahead of its official store debut on November 17. Parton is taking her album to select theaters, curating a film package that takes viewers through the album-making process.

Via Instagram, Dolly Parton revealed the announcement, stating, “To celebrate the launch of ‘ROCKSTAR,’ I’m announcing the first-ever fan event to hear it in cinemas worldwide on November 15, with selected encores on November 16!”

As Parton mentioned, the event will only be showcased in cinemas for a limited period. Hence, fans looking to catch the film will need to head to the theaters on weekday evenings.

So, what can one expect from this film? Well, according to Parton, the film event will feature tracks from the album alongside behind-the-scenes footage.

Audiences will get to enjoy music videos for various songs from the album, including a live rendition of “Circle of Love.”

Most importantly, viewers can anticipate more of Dolly, which certainly isn’t a downside for her devoted fans.

Dolly Parton is likely to delve more specifically into why she ventured into producing her first rock album and discuss how the album took shape. Part of the proceeds will be donated to Parton’s charitable endeavors.

For those unable to attend the event, it remains to be seen whether Parton will release the film in streaming or DVD format later on.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Dolly Parton revealed that her journey into the rock world stemmed from her induction into The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

“But I still felt a bit uneasy about it,” she said. “I still thought I needed to earn it. That’s why I thought, ‘Well, the timing’s right. There’s a real reason for me to make this rock ‘n’ roll album. Here I am, a rock star at 77.'”

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