Dua Lipa Provocative Outfit Steals the Spotlight at WORLD Premiere Barbie Event


In a highly anticipated event, the WORLD Premiere Barbie has become the talk of the town, and one celebrity in particular is making headlines for her nearly nude appearance—Dua Lipa!

Dua Lipa, the renowned singer, graced the event, not just as an ordinary guest, but as a prominent figure involved in the ‘Barbie’ movie soundtrack alongside other big-name artists.

Taking center stage at the Red Carpet World Premiere Barbie, Dua Lipa’s performance was nothing short of sensational. However, her attire drew immediate attention as it deviated from the traditional Barbie style, instead opting for a nearly naked look.

Adorned in a sleeveless see-through dress embellished with shimmering silver crystals, Dua Lipa left little to the imagination. The dress featured fishnet accents that further accentuated her body, exposing her most intimate areas to the public eye. While a white thong partially covered her lower regions, her buttocks remained prominently exposed.

Dua Lipa’s daring fashion choice has sparked a flurry of discussions among fans and critics alike, with opinions ranging from admiration for her boldness to concerns regarding appropriateness and role modeling.

As the WORLD Premiere Barbie continues to captivate audiences, Dua Lipa’s revealing ensemble has undoubtedly added a new layer of excitement and controversy to the event. Stay tuned for more updates on this headline-making affair.

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