Famous Actors and Actresses Who Rose to Prominence Through Netflix


Netflix’s popularity as a pioneering streaming platform has helped many directors and indie creators in need of distribution for their works, from films to series and documentaries. It’s not just for directors and scriptwriters; many famous actors and actresses owe their fame to Netflix as well. Appearing in Netflix Originals has become a stepping stone for many actors and actresses in recent times, not only for Hollywood actors but also for foreign actors. Here is a list of famous actors and actresses who owe their fame to Netflix.


For fans of “Stranger Things,” it’s no secret that Millie Bobby Brown is the face of the supernatural teen adventure series. Millie gained instant popularity for her role as Eleven in the series. Not only because Eleven is a mysterious and intriguing character, but also because Millie possesses star charisma. Thanks to the success of “Stranger Things,” Millie is often invited to popular talk shows along with her fellow actors, where she stands out as the most prominent. She also played “Enola Holmes” on Netflix, and a sequel is on the way.


Also from the cast of “Stranger Things,” Finn Wolfhard, who plays alongside Millie, has become a famous actor thanks to Netflix. After his success on the streaming platform series, Finn received many offers to appear in popular feature films such as “IT” (2017), “The Goldfinch” (2019), “Ghostbusters: Afterlife” (2021), and the latest, “When You Finish Saving the World” (2022). There are also many other non-Netflix film projects. Besides Millie and Finn, there are also other famous actors from “Stranger Things” who will soon be in the spotlight in the upcoming fifth season.


Hoyeon Jung Famous Actresses Who Rose to Prominence Through Netflix
Hoyeon Jung

“Squid Game” is the most popular Korean series on Netflix of all time. Along with the popularity of this survival death game series, all the Korean actors who appeared in it also gained widespread fame. This includes Lee Jung-jae and Park Hae-soo (although both were already well-known in the Korean drama scene), as well as HoYeon Jung, for whom this series marked her acting debut. This young star, previously more active as a model, gained immense popularity even on the Hollywood stage. She has had discussions with other popular actresses through “Roundtable” by The Hollywood Reporter. She also featured in the latest music video by The Weeknd, “Out of Time.”

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Claire Foy gained fame in the mainstream media for her portrayal of a young Queen Elizabeth II in “The Crown,” which premiered in 2016. As the lead actress in the main season of this British royal drama series, Claire Foy played a significant role in its success, as it is about to enter its fifth season. Although she has retired from “The Crown” by now, she continues to act in feature films, including “The Girl in the Spider’s Web,” “Unsane,” “First Man,” “Breath,” and several upcoming titles.


Claire Foy’s partner in “The Crown,” Matt Smith, has also become a more famous actor thanks to Netflix. Previously, this English actor was popular through the British series “Doctor Who” in the 2000s. His reputation as an actor was refreshed when he played the captivating role of a young Prince Philip, characterized as a sweet yet controversial husband to the Queen. After leaving “The Crown,” Matt also gained popularity in feature films. He appeared in “Morbius” and “Last Night in Soho,” acting alongside the young actress who also gained fame through Netflix, Anya Taylor-Joy. Currently, Matt Smith is gaining popularity once again for his role in the currently trending fantasy series, “House of the Dragon,” where he plays one of the main characters, Daemon Targaryen. It seems that Matt will become even more famous in the broader entertainment scene after this.


REGE-JEAN PAGE Famous Actors Who Rose to Prominence Through Netflix
Rege-Jean Page

Rege-Jean Page is a famous actor thanks to Netflix after starring in the period romance series, “Bridgerton,” in its first season. He played the Duke of Hastings, Simon Bassett, opposite actress Phoebe Dynevor, and their chemistry as the main couple was captivating. Rege-Jean has since expanded his acting career in films. He appeared in the recent Netflix action film, “The Gray Man,” and is one of the main cast members in the upcoming film, “Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves” (2023).


The next famous actor thanks to Netflix is Tom Ellis. He was charming and captivating as the iconic devil from hell in the series “Lucifer.” Female viewers who are fans of the supernatural genre tended to easily fall for even a controversial character like Lucifer, and if not for Tom Ellis, “Lucifer” might not have been successful for six seasons.


Julia Garner Famous Actresses Who Rose to Prominence Through Netflix
Julia Garner

Julia Garner could become a future actress who joins the ranks of A-list actresses in Hollywood. This talented actress has appeared in various Netflix series in supporting roles, including “Maniac” and “Ozark,” before landing the lead role in the true-crime adaptation series, “Inventing Anna,” which trended on Netflix. She has won three Emmy Awards for Best Supporting Actress thanks to “Ozark,” including one this year. Julia also stars in quality feature films, such as “The Assistant,” and has been selected as the lead actress in “Little Sparrow,” where she plays Madonna, a project that is still in production.


Katherine Langford also became a famous actor thanks to Netflix after starring as the lead in the controversial teen series, “13 Reasons Why,” back in 2017. She portrayed Hannah Baker, a teenager who died by suicide after being a victim of bullying and left behind tapes to hold everyone responsible for her death accountable. She returned to Netflix to star in “Cursed” and has appeared in several popular teen films like “Love, Simon,” “Spontaneous,” and the phenomenal thriller drama film, “Knives Out.”


Another teenage actress who became famous through her appearances on Netflix is Lana Condor. Her most iconic role is as the lead in the chick flick film “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” (2018). The success of this teenage drama film continued with two sequels in 2020 and 2021. Lana Condor remains the face of this Netflix Original film and has made a significant impact on the teenage entertainment scene. She also appeared in the more intense teen series, “Deadly Class,” and returned with a Netflix Original this year, “Boo, Bitch.”

These are some of the famous actors and actresses who owe their fame to Netflix. Who is your favorite among this lineup? There are many more famous actors thanks to Netflix, which proves that Netflix has become an unexpected first stepping stone for many actors and actresses out there.

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