Simple and Easy Tips for Unique Tumblr Lights Decorations


Nowadays, the use of Tumblr lights in decorations is becoming increasingly popular among the general public. Whether it’s to adorn business places like cafes, eateries, or specific events such as weddings or other occasions. The purpose behind creating such decorations is to make the adorned space stand out and visually appealing, ultimately creating a more comfortable atmosphere.

Moreover, string light decorations can also be applied in our homes, both indoors and outdoors. Indoors, these decorations can be set up in bedrooms, living rooms, or family spaces. As for outdoor areas, string lights can be utilized on the house terrace, front walls, or in our garden areas.

To decorate using string lights in a simple and convenient manner, one can opt for 10-meter or 20-meter string lights according to their needs. These lights can be placed on walls, trees in the garden, or incorporated into room accessories like mirrors.

Certainly, there are plenty more string light decoration inspirations to explore. Let’s discuss each one in detail, shall we?

Indoor Decoration Tips with TUMBLR Lights

Using Polaroid Photos

Seeking aesthetic Tumblr light inspiration for your room? It’s quite simple. Photos, paintings, or other items can be mixed to create a decor that’s simple yet successfully evokes a comfortable and beautiful ambiance. Tumblr lights play a pivotal role in this room decor.

Decorating your room by installing Tumblr lights will create a cozy atmosphere and enhance the room’s aesthetics. Enhance your room’s decor by adding Tumblr lights on the walls.

Below are some ideas on how to install Tumblr lights to embellish your room.

Tumblr lights Using Polaroid Photos
Tumblr lights Using Polaroid Photos

In the image above, Tumblr lights are seen affixed to the wall and varied with small-sized polaroid photos used for room decoration. You can stick or hang the photos on the dangling Tumblr lights using small wooden clips or purchase a Tumblr light package that comes with clips, making it easy to attach.

These packages, including lights and photo clips, are commonly sold for Rp. 50,000 on marketplaces.

Linking to other ornaments

Another example of installing Tumblr lights is as shown in the image below.

Tumblr with other ornament
Tumblr lights hooked onto other objects

A picture of Tumblr Christmas Lights

In the image above, Tumblr lights are attached to the wall alongside various small objects like dolls, flower vases, or ceramic decorations. This adds variation to our homes and creates a different atmosphere from the usual.

You can also link or place these Tumblr lights around mirrors to give them a bright, glowing effect.”

Get Creative with Decorative Lights

In the image above, Tumblr lights are placed inside a glass jar alongside decorative trinkets. This simple addition makes the decor look more luxurious and beautiful, effectively transforming the home atmosphere for the better.

The next image below showcases another variation of Tumblr light decoration placed inside a glass jar.

Tumblr with other ornament.jpg

The picture depicts the installation of Tumblr lights within a jar alongside flowers affixed to the wall. This creates a minimalist and modern wall decor. Lights like these can be used in bedrooms as bedside lamps, providing a unique ambiance before bedtime. They can also serve as garden lights as long as the jar is tightly sealed (waterproof) to prevent water from entering and accumulating inside during rainy weather.”

Decoration with Curtains or Wedding Backdrops

Another simple yet innovative idea for decorating using Tumblr lights is shown in the image below.

Tumblr Lights as a Wedding Backdrop
Tumblr Lights as a Wedding Backdrop

Another application of Tumblr light decoration is in wedding decor. As seen in the image above, Tumblr lights are used as the backdrop for the wedding stage. These lights create a unique and festive atmosphere for the stage.

Tumblr Lights Decorating House Curtains

Similar to the previous image, using Tumblr lights as embellishments on curtains, as shown in the image above, aims to create a different impression in the living room area or even on the wedding stage. For instance, it could be the seating area for one of the bride or groom. The addition of Tumblr lights in that area successfully creates a more romantic and elegant ambiance.”

Outdoor Tumblr Light Decorations

On the Terrace

Next, we have an image depicting the installation of Tumblr lights as decorations on the outdoor terrace of a café.

Tumblr Lignt on terrace
Tumblr Lights on Café Terrace

In the image above, Tumblr lights are installed above the café, attached to the surrounding poles. By adding decorative Tumblr lights to the upper area of the café’s terrace, it creates a romantic ambiance and enhances the comfort for visitors to relax and spend time in this area.

In the image above, Tumblr lights are seen installed on the café’s ceiling. This kind of decoration is a simple way to place Tumblr lights as indoor decorations in a café. This setup can make the café ambiance more exclusive, allowing visitors to relax and enjoy the comfortable atmosphere.

The following image showcases another decorative style using Tumblr lights arranged like a mesh or net.

In the image above, we see a terrace decoration using Tumblr lights arranged in a net-like pattern. This method effectively transforms the house’s terrace, making it look distinct, more attractive, and modern.”

Garden Area

Tumblr Lights on garden area
Tumblr Lights on garden area

You can also adorn your garden with Tumblr lights! Apart from enhancing the beauty of your garden, these lights will brighten up the area, eliminating any eerie feeling at night.

By wrapping Tumblr lights around trees or plants in your garden, it will become exceptionally beautiful, especially during the evening.

Those are a few simple and easy decoration tips using Tumblr lights!

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