Packing and Storing Your Outdoor Christmas Lights: A Comprehensive Guide


It’s a chilly winter evening, and you’ve just finished decorating your home with the most enchanting outdoor Christmas lights. Your house glows with a warm, inviting charm that captures the essence of the holiday season. But as the weeks pass, the festivities fade, and you’re left wondering how to properly pack and store those radiant strings of light for next year’s celebrations. Don’t worry; we’ve got your back! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the process of preserving the magic of Christmas lights, from Michaels to JNI and even a touch of Oldfield’s wisdom.

Choosing the Right Storage Materials

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of packing, let’s talk about the tools you’ll need. You wouldn’t build a snowman without the right kind of snow, would you? Well, the same goes for storing your outdoor Christmas lights.

Invest in Quality Storage Containers

First, consider investing in sturdy plastic storage containers. These containers provide a protective shield against moisture and dust, ensuring your lights remain in tip-top condition. They’re like Santa’s little helpers, guarding your precious decorations until the next holiday season.

Michael’s, the renowned arts and crafts store, offers an impressive selection of storage solutions. I remember a few years ago, while browsing the store for holiday supplies, I stumbled upon the perfect storage container for my Christmas-lights. With a hearty ho, ho, ho, I grabbed one, and it’s served me well ever since.

Ziplock Bags for Connectors and Bulbs

Now, those pesky little bulbs and connectors can be a handful to keep track of. Here’s where a trick from JNI comes in handy. Grab some resealable Ziplock bags. Label each bag with a marker to indicate which strand it belongs to. This will save you hours of untangling frustration next December.

I’ll never forget the year my friend Jessie had a meltdown while trying to untangle her Christmas lights. JNI, with its clever storage tip, came to the rescue, and we’ve been Ziplocking our bulbs ever since.

Cardboard Cable Spools

For larger outdoor Christmas lights, like rope lights or net lights, Oldfield’s advice is pure gold. Cardboard cable spools are your secret weapon against the tangled mess these lights tend to become. Wind the lights around the spools, securing the ends with a clip or tape. Voilà! Next year, you’ll be the envy of the neighborhood with your neatly wound lights.

Detangling and Sorting

Now, let’s tackle the heart of the matter—detangling and sorting those beautiful Christmas lights. You don’t want to start the holiday season with a clump of knotted wires, do you? Here’s how to avoid that festive nightmare.

Clear a Workspace

Find a spacious area to work on this project. Lay out a large table or use a clean section of the floor. Make sure you have plenty of room to spread out and work comfortably. Remember, patience is your greatest asset here.

Untangle with Care

Take your first strand of outdoor Christmas lights, and gently unwind it. Don’t rush this process; yanking and pulling can lead to damaged wires and bulbs. Be as patient as a child waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve.

Label Each Strand

As you unravel each strand, label it. You can use small tags or sticky notes. This is especially crucial if you have different types of lights – icicles, net lights, or novelty shapes. Knowing what’s what will save you time and frustration during the next decorating extravaganza.

Packing Your Outdoor Christmas Lights

With your lights untangled and sorted, it’s time to pack them up like you’re sending precious gifts to the North Pole.

Wrap with Care

Wrap each strand of lights around your hand in a loose loop. Avoid wrapping them too tightly, as this can cause stress on the wires and damage the bulbs. Tuck the ends of the strand into the loop to secure it. Think of it as tucking your lights in for a cozy winter’s nap.

Layering in the Storage Container

Now, let’s revisit those sturdy plastic storage containers from Michaels. Layer the wrapped strands in the container, starting with the heaviest or sturdiest ones at the bottom. This will prevent crushing and ensure your lights stay in perfect condition.

JNI’s tip comes into play again here. Remember those Ziplock bags with bulbs and connectors? Place these bags strategically in the container, nestled between the layers of lights. This prevents small pieces from getting lost and makes next year’s setup a breeze.

Label the Containers

Don’t forget to label your storage containers! You’d be surprised how easily you can forget what’s inside, especially if you have a collection of outdoor Christmas lights for different occasions. Labeling ensures that you’ll always know what’s in each box.

Storing Your Outdoor Christmas Lights

You’ve packed your lights with care, and now it’s time to find the perfect spot to store them until the next holiday season.

Cool, Dry Location

Choose a cool, dry location for your storage containers. Moisture can be a real Grinch when it comes to preserving your lights. A basement or closet works well, but avoid damp areas like the attic or garage.

Protect from Pests

Critters love the holidays too, but they have a different idea of festive décor. To avoid unwanted guests nibbling on your cords, consider placing some mothballs or cedar blocks near your storage containers. This will deter pests and keep your lights safe.

Preparing for Next Year’s Magic

The time will come when you unearth your outdoor Christmas lights for another season of joy. Follow these steps to ensure everything is ready to go.

Inspect for Damage

Before you start decorating, inspect each strand of lights for any damage. Look for frayed wires, broken bulbs, or loose connectors. Replace or repair as needed to ensure safety and a beautifully lit display.

Test Them Out

Don’t wait until the last minute to test your lights. Plug them in before you begin decorating to identify any issues. This will save you the frustration of discovering a problem while you’re in the midst of decorating.

Incorporate Oldfield’s Wisdom

Oldfield, the neighborhood’s Christmas guru, always reminds us that outdoor Christmas lights are more than just decorations; they’re a symbol of togetherness and the magic of the season. So, as you embark on your annual decorating ritual, take a moment to savor the joy and wonder that these lights bring to your home and your heart.

Packing and storing your outdoor Christmas lights may not be the most glamorous part of the holiday season, but it’s essential to ensure they shine brightly year after year. With the right storage materials, patience, and a sprinkle of holiday magic, you can keep the spirit of Christmas alive in your outdoor décor. So, follow these steps, and you’ll be well-prepared to create a dazzling display that brings joy to your family and your entire neighborhood.

Remember, it’s not just about the lights; it’s about the memories and the warmth they bring to your home. So, as you pack them away, tuck a little bit of that holiday spirit in with them, and watch the magic unfold when you unpack them next year. Happy decorating, and may your outdoor Christmas lights shine brighter than ever!

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