Tornado Causes Extensive Damage to Homes in Elgin, Prompting Emergency Response and Cleanup Efforts


This afternoon, there were intense storms that brought heavy rainfall, strong winds, and multiple tornado warnings. The region witnessed several tornadoes, and there were numerous reports of extensive destruction. 

Although the amount of rainfall was not as high as the eight inches recorded on July 2 in certain places, the main concern was the severity of the storms. One notable event was the sighting of a large tornado in Campton Hills, a suburb located west of Chicago in Kane County.

A tornado swept through the northwest suburban area of Elgin, resulting in damage to multiple homes. Chopper 2 and Kris Habermehl observed the destruction caused by the tornado in a neighborhood in Elgin on Wednesday night. 

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The affected homes displayed substantial structural harm, attracting various emergency response agencies to Stoney Creek Drive. Additionally, the storm brought heavy rain, leading to poor visibility. Following the rainfall, residents initiated the cleanup process and assessed the extent of the destruction. 

Stating that the sirens went off, followed by a brief period of calmness, and then a loud rushing noise resembling that of a train, which lasted for about 15 seconds before disappearing.

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