Why Germany and Israel Are Furious at the Palestinian President’s Remarks on Jews and the Holocaust: 3 Key Facts


Officials from Germany and Israel have condemned Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas for his controversial comments in his speech regarding Jews and the Nazi Holocaust. In his speech, Abbas stated that Adolf Hitler ordered the killing of Jews not because of their religion but due to their social roles as moneylenders. This statement has drawn sharp criticism, with the Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations accusing him of “pure antisemitism.” German officials in Ramallah also emphasized that history has shown millions of lives lost, and this cannot be relativized.

German Ambassador to Israel, Steffen Seibert, added that it is important for Palestinians to hear the historical truth from their leaders rather than distorted information. Abbas has long been a subject of controversy due to his doctoral thesis on Nazi Germany and Zionism, and his latest speech has further exacerbated the situation.

The European Union also condemned Abbas’s speech as “incorrect and highly misleading,” stating that distortions of history are inciting and fueling antisemitism. They emphasized the importance of promoting the two-state solution, which has long been supported by President Abbas.

Here are three reasons for the anger of Germany and Israel over Abbas’s speech:

1. Hitler Killed Jews for Social Roles

Abbas claimed that Hitler did not kill Jews because of their religion but due to their social roles, such as involvement in usury and financial activities. This assertion is highly controversial and has received sharp condemnation.

2. European Jews Are Not Semitic People

Abbas also attempted to redefine European Jews as non-Semitic people, a claim that is highly controversial and was previously made by President Trump. This has sparked controversy and heightened historical tensions between the two nations.

3. Comparing Israel to Nazi Germany

Abbas has on several occasions compared Israel to the Nazi regime in Germany, a highly controversial comparison that has sparked international outrage. His comments have further complicated the already complex Israel-Palestine conflict.

This controversy underscores the need for better dialogue and diplomacy to achieve peace in the Middle East.

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