Nearly Nude Appearance at New York Fashion Week Sparks Criticism for Julia Fox.


Actress Julia Fox’s appearance once again caught attention. She appeared nearly naked while attending New York Fashion Week.

Julia was dressed in thin lingerie made of chains. Almost only the intimate areas of her body were covered.

She paired this sexy look with a black coat. The front buttons of the coat were intentionally left open to reveal her body, which was barely covered by thin chains.

For added dramatic effect, Fox wore glossy black lipstick and silver eye makeup.

Her appearance sparked responses from netizens, with many finding it distasteful.

“As predicted. One day she’ll be naked and call it fashion,” commented one netizen.

“Can someone buy her some clothes? She’s always naked,” wrote another netizen.

Julia Fox’s Response

Julia Fox lingerie

Julia Fox herself was surprised by the comments from netizens. She believes that what she does with her body doesn’t affect anyone else.

“I get in trouble for [dressing minimally]. There are many haters who say this is unacceptable. But why? It’s just my body,” Fox said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

The Uncut Gems star also revealed her reason for often dressing strangely when attending big events.

She explained that the version of herself seen by the public at major events is not her everyday self. In her daily life, Fox admitted she prefers to wear shorts, a dirty T-shirt, and sneakers.

“That’s why when I dress up, I want to go all out because my real life is not very interesting,” Fox said.

This is not the first time Fox has garnered attention for her clothing choices. In May 2022, she also went viral for wearing a bra and underwear by Alexander Wang while at a supermarket.

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