Dreaming of Glory: Peter Seidler Vision for a Padres Championship Parade, Dies at 63


Peter Seidler enthusiastically envisioned a triumphant World Series celebration for the San Diego Padres and their devoted supporters by openly sharing his dreams. He demonstrated this commitment by fearlessly investing substantial sums in his quest to secure the first major title for his beloved city. As the owner and chairman of the team, Peter Seidler consistently rejected the characterization of San Diego as a small market, skillfully deflecting inquiries about the sustainability of the Padres’ significant expenditures on players such as Manny Machado, Xander Bogaerts, and Fernando Tatis Jr.

Seidler remained steadfast in his belief that the baseball gods would eventually favor San Diego, paving the way for a championship parade. This optimistic outlook persisted despite the franchise’s previous setbacks in the World Series, with the most recent defeat occurring in 1998. Addressing the question of the parade’s format, Peter Seidler mused earlier this year, expressing confidence that the parade, whether on land, water, or a combination of both, would become a reality. He firmly believed that building and maintaining a formidable, winning team in San Diego was a sustainable endeavor.

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