Apple Vision Pro Unveiled: Cutting-Edge AR Headset


Apple has officially opened pre-orders for the Vision Pro headset in the United States through its official stores and website. Following the commencement of pre-orders, Apple also disclosed the prices of other yet-to-be-announced variants of the Vision Pro.

Customers looking to purchase the Vision Pro are required to scan their faces using Face ID on an iPhone or iPad to ensure the correct size of the head strap.

What is Apple Vision Pro?

How Apple Vision Pro Works
Vision Pro

The Apple Vision Pro is a headset equipped with spatial computing technology, previously known as augmented reality (AR) or mixed reality (MR).

How Apple Vision Pro Works

The Apple Vision Pro captures motion sensors, enabling users to interact with the device. Users can pinch their index finger and thumb to expand, move, and scroll through applications. The Vision Pro is also capable of recognizing hand movements, facilitating comfortable user interactions. Through this technology, users can control applications by simply moving their hands and eyes without the need for additional tools.

Moreover, the device can detect real-world human presence, ensuring that when the virtual world is displayed, the presence of humans does not obstruct the virtual screen.

Price of Apple Vision Pro

The Vision Pro with 256GB storage is priced at USD 3,499. Meanwhile, the 512GB variant is priced at USD 3,699, and the 1TB variant is released at USD 3,899.

Zeiss Optical Inserts Reader is available at an additional cost of USD 99, while Zeiss Optical Inserts Prescription is priced at USD 149.

Consumers with additional funds can also order the highest-end variant of Vision Pro with additional accessories costing USD 4,795. This package includes the Apple Vision Pro 1TB (USD 3,899), Zeiss Optical Inserts Prescription (USD 149), Apple Care+ (USD 499), Belkin Battery Holder (USD 49.95), and Apple Vision Pro Travel Case (USD 199).

Currently, Apple Vision Pro is only available in the United States, but Apple has stated that the device will be launched in several other countries in the coming months.

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