Google Restructuring: AI-Powered Layoffs and the Evolution of Google Assistant


Google parent company, Alphabet Inc., has decided to carry out mass layoffs, terminating the employment of hundreds of workers across various departments. The rationale behind these layoffs is to trim the operational costs of the company.

According to Google, the employees affected by the layoffs include those working on voice-based Google Assistant, augmented reality hardware, and within the company’s central engineering organization.

Based on a report from Semafor, the company explains that this restructuring will contribute to the enhancement of Google Assistant, as Google explores the integration of newer artificial intelligence technologies into its products. In October 2023, Google announced the use of the generative AI chatbot Bard to develop a new version of Google Assistant. The utilization of this AI technology is expected to surpass voice, comprehend and adapt to users, and handle personal tasks in innovative ways.

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Since the beginning of this year, Google has been rumored to be laying off or terminating the employment of 30,000 employees. The tech giant is said to be replacing workers with artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

The Information reported that recent advancements in AI will lead to significant layoffs at Google in the near future. Google is set to restructure its advertising sales department due to the increasing role of AI in this area. This division currently employs 30,000 individuals. Allegedly, the decision to terminate tens of thousands of employees was discussed during Google Ads meetings across departments. This comes after Google launched a ‘new era of AI-powered advertising‘ by introducing conversation ads. In January 2023, Google’s parent company decided to lay off 12,000 employees, impacting jobs globally and throughout the entire company.

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