14 Business Opportunities for Students


Starting a business in college is one of the good alternatives for students to be ready to live life after graduating from their studies.

Not only profitable in terms of material, but business in college also opens up association and a wide network for students. In addition, the student’s skills in certain fields according to his business land can be honed to increase his bargaining value later in the world of work. There are many business opportunities that students can try, both businesses that require large capital and those that do not require capital. Student business can be either an online business or a business that is run for real. Here are some business opportunities that students should try.


The T-shirt business is becoming a trend of young people’s business today, so many distros have sprung up. In this business, students are required to be creative. To start this business, you need to have a good relationship with convection and screen printing. Then, you are required creativity to make the coolest t-shirt design for sale. The cooler your design, the more people buy it.


A private course business is a side business that does not require capital. However, this business requires students who run it to have special skills and expertise. For example, the business of private mathematics courses, most suitable for students majoring in mathematics. Math courses are much sought after by parents of students because mathematics is taught since primary education and tested on national exams. Just adjust the subjects to the field of college or the skills you have.


Graphic design services business is a business that requires small capital. However, this business requires the skills of operating software, such as photoshop to create graphic design. This business has bright prospects because many people need it, such as graphic design tasks from friends, t-shirt design services, website design services, photo editing services, and other design services, especially from people who like design or art.


Photo and video services business is also a student side business related to hobbies. This business is usually pursued by students majoring in photography or photo hobbies, so they can do business while applying the material obtained on campus. Although initially only as a side business while in college, but this business has great potential if done well and good management. So, it can be a serious business startup after graduating from college later.


This business requires careful reading opportunities. Because the goods sold are used goods, usually underestimated by many people, but are meaningful items for people who need them. Like, buying a wardrobe at a thrift market, then resale it to a college friend who needs a closet for clothes at its cost.


Many make this business the first business to start learning to do business. This business is very easy to run and can go straight the road, such as selling to relatives and close friends. However, before starting this business prepare a strategy carefully so that the business can continue to survive, because of the number of close people who pay credit later.


The music entertainment business is a suitable business for students who like to band. In this business, students are required to be able to sing or master one of the musical instruments, then become entertainers in cafes that provide full music facilities for their visitors. This is one of the side businesses that is quite honorable. In fact, you can gather your own band members to become professional performers from café to café.



The translation service business is a side business that is suitable for students majoring in languages, both English, Japanese, Arabic, Mandarin, and other languages. This business does not require capital, only requires foreign language skills and fluency. In fact, you can start offering services to other students who are different majors, such as IT majors and other majors.


The author services business is an online business of students who like to write. In addition to being an online writer, students can try to become contributors to an online site. In fact, you can open an online writing service, then promote it on social media and cyberspace. If your writing is good in human reading and google search engine, customers will give a plus for your writing services.


Online store creation services business is a side business that is suitable for IT students. The services offered are related to web programming courses, so that students can make money while practicing the materials obtained in college. This online business is very crowded because it has huge financial benefits. Nowadays, many people are selling their goods online. So, your ability to create an online store is being sought after.



Currently the business of website creation services is a promising business, because almost all companies, schools, campuses and blogs or personal websites are very widely scattered on the internet. This is a very profitable opportunity. This business is suitable for IT students who have majors related to website creation. You can use php or ASP code processing skills manually or use a CMS, such as wordpress to open a website creation business.


A suitable business for a bogger is to become a publisher of several ad service providers such as Google Adsense for example. This business can be a pretty cool side business because you will be connected to a global network. However, there are many things to learn before starting this business. These businesses must stay updated at all times with new challenges. There are many ways to monetize bloggers, such as joining PPC, placing ads, or selling products from blogs.

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Laptop service business is a side business that can be run by computer engineering students who understand and have hardware and laptop software skills, and have qualified skills. In addition to needing hardware and software skills, you must have repair equipment, such as screwdrivers, pliers and other important tools. Once everything is ready, it’s time to promote this laptop service business to friends, relatives, and neighbors.


E-book selling business online today is very popular and liked by many people. The more E-books sold on the internet, the more E-book subscribers on the internet. In addition, the rapid development of gadgets and smartphones, making many people prefer E-books rather than hardcopy books. E-book products sold should be the result of their own work that is useful for the reader.

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