The Coronation of King Charles III was Celebrated with a 7 Hour Sex Party


The coronation of King Charles III as the new King of England has been officially held, Saturday (6/5/2023) today.

King Charles III officially took the position of his mother, Queen Elizabeth, who died in September 2022.

Camilia, who is the wife of King Charles III, now holds the title of queen of England.

Various activities were also held by the people of Great Britain to celebrate the coronation of their new king.

One of the famous clubs in England called Swingers Vanilla Alternative will even hold a sex party to celebrate the appointment of King Charles III.

Unmitigated, the sex party is rumored to be held for seven hours from 20.00 pm to 03.00 am UK time in the Tempsford area, Bedforshire which is located 50 miles more from Buckingham Palace.

Quoted from Cambridge News, Swingers is an exclusive club in England. To hold this event they even collaborated with Chic Events and claimed to be ‘Number 1’ for adult parties so that not just anyone could join.

The Coronation of King Charles III was Celebrated with a 7 Hour Sex Party

The club even requires guests who want to come to the sex party to be neat and classy.

Women must wear dresses and high heels. Meanwhile, men are required to wear long pants and a fitted vest.

The use of hats, baggy jeans and T-shirts, especially those with pictures, as well as cell phones is strictly prohibited.

If you don’t dress as required, then don’t expect to be able to get tickets to the ‘Chic 36’ event or even enter the love festival.

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